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0001-Move-xmalloc-to-trivia-util.h.patch Move xmalloc to trivia/util.h
We want to use the xmalloc helper throughout the code, not only in
the core lib. Move its definition to trivia/util.h and use fprintf+exit
instead of say/panic in order not to create circular dependencies.
Vladimir Davydov <> no 2021-09-27
0002-build-fix-build-with-glibc-2.34.patch build: fix build with glibc-2.34
Macros SIGSTKSZ used to be an integral constant but
in glibc-2.34 it turned into a runtime function so it
cannot be used as constant known size for arrays anymore.

Beyond this, SIGSTKSZ is not enough for alt. signal stack size
when you use ASAN, so the size was increased.

Closes #6686
Andrey Saranchin <> no 2021-12-14

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