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Status for tcpick/0.2.1-11

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-spelling-errors.patch Fix spelling errors on source code, man page and doc files Marcos Fouces <> no
CVE-2006-0048.patch Fix for CVE-2006-0048 Cdric Delfosse <> no debian vendor 2006-04-14
fix-double-free-error.patch Fix double-free error tcpick try to free twice the pointer to the filename it uses to write
the data. This patches fixes that.
Cedric Delfosse <> no debian vendor, 2005-07-26
fix-infinite-loop-on-powerpc.patch Fix infinite loop on powerpc On the ppc C compiler, char is an unsigned data type. This means that
no variable of type char can ever compare equal to the int value -1. gcc
tries to warn you about this when you compile tcpick, by saying:
args.c:195: warning: comparison is always true due to limited range of
data type
tcpick therefore never makes it past the getopt loop. The following
patch fixes the problem.
Alan Curry <> no debian other, 2005-09-09
fix-man-invocation.patch Fix man invocation Upon startup, tcpick says:
important: `man 1 tcpick' explains all options available
but the man page is in section 8, not 1. This patch fixes that.
Cdric Delfosse <> no debian vendor 2004-08-18
fix-build-with-gcc5.patch Fix build with GCC 5 GCC 5 is more picky with external references which are not properly
declared with forward references. Add all relevant functions to tcpick.h
to avoid this problem and fix the problems put into light by this change
(some invalid function calls).
Raphal Hertzog <> no debian vendor 2015-07-13
set-timestamp-pcap-header-structure.patch Description:Tcpick can display timestamps in the output with the -t and -td switch. It currently computes a timestamp on the fly which has the following consequences
* Inaccurate timestamps when it is operated in real time mode (-i switch)
* Nonsense when reassembling off-line captures / when reading pcap files
Gerard Wagener no
fix-gcc-10.patch Fix FTBFS with GCC-10. Luis Paulo Linares <> no debian 2020-08-17

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