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Drop-file-notifier-and-miner-fs-tests.patch Drop 'file-notifier' and 'miner-fs' tests
There are flakiness problems here.
Iain Lane <> no 2021-06-10
psx-game-image-1.expected.json-Mark-as-XFAIL.patch psx-game-image-1.expected.json: Mark as XFAIL
The test is newly run in 3.0, and seems to be buggy, see the upstream
Iain Lane <> no 2021-06-09
Removing-Install-section-from-tracker-extract-3.service.patch Removing [Install] section from tracker-extract-3.service
Having was triggering the service before the session
environment variable are set in gnome-session.

This service relies on gvfs-daemon.service and by starting it before the
environment variables are set, some important variables like KRB5CCNAME are

This means that the daemon won't have access to it when trying to
mount shared folders through the network, creating problems like requesting
credentials when trying to gio mount a samba share, despite having a valid
kerberos ticket on the machine.

Since this is a helper service that is meant to be controlled by
"tracker-miner-fs", the install section shouldn't exist, as it allows
the service to enabled, meaning that its execution would be
controlled by systemd.

(cherry picked from commit 29a2320c1e4f0f7ced3c3e9d4d1c06c51518c1f3)
Denison Barbosa <> no tracker-miners 3.5.1 2023-03-21
Don-t-start-the-daemons-for-non-root-system-users-either.patch Don't start the daemons for non-root system users either
Such as gdm and lightdm


(cherry picked from commit 2ce0d760967b81c7959fd1c508a279623d2c583a)
=?utf-8?q?Jeremy_B=C3=ADcha?= <> no tracker-miners 3.6.rc 2023-08-18
Allow-getsockopt-in-seccomp-filter.patch no

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