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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
wx3.0-compat.patch Build with wxwidgets3.0 Olly Betts <> no debian
fix_loading_crash.patch fix crash on loading tree file. Tim Booth yes upstream
60_LGPLtoGPL.patch Converts LGPL statements to GPL, updates FSF's address. Charles Plessy no 2006-06-28
70_choose_tree.patch ## 70_choose_tree.dpatch by William Alexander Grant <> no
svg.patch Update to match what it must have said when configure was generated. One thing I should probably explain about the patch as my change may
seem odd otherwise - upstream's says "USE_SVG=0" but the
generated configure says "USE_SVG=1", so I've simply updated to match what it must have said when configure was
Olly Betts <> no
treeview-xpm-not-xbm.patch Fix the extension of the icon Olly Betts <> yes 2014-06-21
wxstring-maxlen.patch Remove wxSTRING_MAXLEN (removed in wx3.0) and incomp. definition. The definition wxSTRING_MAXLEN was removed from the public API of wxWidgets.
Its meaning was basically "take all the string", whenever a string length was
expected. The missing definition didn't raise a compilation error because
TreeLib's treedrawer.h contained a fall-back definition, which is however
incompatible with the original definition of wxWidgets and therefore is
interpreted by wxWidgets as a number representing the real string length.
This patch gets rid of the dangerous fall-back definition and of all of its
uses by using alternative wxString constructors that achieve the same
Martin Steghöfer <> no debian 2014-08-10
wx3.2-compat.patch Fix to work with wxWidgets 3.2 Scott Talbert <> no debian 2022-09-16

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