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Status for trilinos/13.2.0-6

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
multiarch.patch Avoid multiarch conflict As per Debian's multiarch hinter:
libtrilinos-stokhos-dev conflicts on /usr/include/trilinos/Stokhos_config.h
on amd64 <-> arm64, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x
Make the header file identical across all architectures
by defining HAVE_STOKHOS_INTRINSICS on amd64 and i386
where immintrin.h is available.
Graham Inggs <> no 2019-01-29
skip-pliris_vector_random.patch Skip Pliris_vector_random test Graham Inggs <> no debian 2020-08-29
fix_kokkos_test_declarations.patch remove some kokkos test declarations that cause configure failures
diff --git a/packages/kokkos/cmake/kokkos_tribits.cmake b/packages/kokkos/cmake/kokkos_tribits.cmake
index afa036066a..edce81ad07 100644
Matthias Maier <> no 2021-11-24
set_appropriate_soname.patch Add major.minor soname version to shared libraries
diff --git a/cmake/tribits/core/package_arch/TribitsLibraryMacros.cmake b/cmake/tribits/core/package_arch/TribitsLibraryMacros.cmake
index cc97f07b5e..d5c6b33517 100644
Matthias Maier <> no 2021-11-26
gcc13.patch Include missing headers to fix build with GCC-13 Graham Inggs <> not-needed debian 2023-09-04

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