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Status for tulip/5.4.0+dfsg-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-Remove-dirs-not-shipped-from-cmake.patch Update CMake's build files to exclude the dirs and files that we exclude from upstream's source code. James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0002-Comment-out-INSTALL_RPATH-flag-on-executables.patch Remove RPATH from executables per Debian policy. James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0003-Link-against-libantlr-pic.patch Link against the PIC version of libantlr as required to build xdkbtex to a .so James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0004-Fix-installation-path-logic.patch Patch logic applied by upstream to determine installation dir so that it works with Debian multiarch. James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0005-Forced-ftgl-lib-name-back-to-ftgl-to-force-use-of-sy.patch Provide the name of Debian's FTGL library instead of the one bundled by Tulip to CMake. James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0006-Fix-python-site-packages-dir.patch Choose installation of Python modules into PythonX/dist-packages over PythonX.Y/dist-packages James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0007-Don-t-record-a-build-date.patch Remove the output of a build date from thirdparty/OGDF to enable reproducible builds. James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0008-Use-Debian-system-fonts.patch Make Tulip load fonts from Debian's font packages rather bundled copies. James Turton <> no 2020-04-11
0009-Remove-mkdir-commands-from-install-target.patch Remove superfluous mkdir commands creating paths such as /usr/share/applications from CMake build file. James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0010-Undefine-gcc-linux-built-in-macro-for-multiarch.patch Tell gcc to undefine its "linux" macro so that it does not corrupt an installation path like foo/x86_64-linux-gnu/bar to "foo/x86_64-1-gnu/bar" James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0011-Use-system-libjs-leaflet.patch Point Tulip at Debian's libjs-leaflet rather than its own bundled leaflet.js James Turton <> no 2020-04-10
0012-Add-support-for-Python-3-9.patch no

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