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Status for up-imapproxy/1.2.8~svn20171105-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-egd-ifdef.patch Fix compilation without EGD Richard Laager <> yes 2016-11-22
check-dup-return-value.patch Check dup() return value I switched to dup2() as well, which combines in the close() call. Richard Laager <> yes 2016-11-22
fix-missing-definitions.patch Fix missing definitions Richard Laager <> yes 2016-11-22
fix-size_t-formatters.patch Fix size_t formatters Richard Laager <> yes 2016-11-22
fix-ssl-types.patch Fix SSL types Richard Laager <> yes 2016-11-22
fix-socklen_t-types.patch Fix socklen_t types Richard Laager <> yes 2016-11-22
remove-unused-variables.patch Remove unused variables Richard Laager <> yes 2017-11-05
openssl-1.1.patch Fix compilation with OpenSSL 1.1 Richard Laager <> yes 2016-11-22
cleanup-names.patch Cleanup names The name of this package in Debian is imapproxy. Richard Laager <> not-needed 2017-11-05
cleanup-readme.patch Cleanup README 1) Remove reference to README.debian, which is useless and no longer installed.
2) Remove the build instructions, which do not apply to the package.
3) Update the paths and utility names (e.g. in.imapproxyd to imapproxyd).
Richard Laager <> not-needed 2016-11-23
cleanup-imapproxy_conf.patch Cleanup imapproxy.conf Richard Laager <> no 2017-11-05
configure_imapproxy_conf.patch Configure imapproxy.conf This configures imapproxy.conf appropriately for the package. Richard Laager <> not-needed 2020-01-12
move-pidfile-to-run.patch Move pidfile to /run Debian is converting to /run. This particular transition (from /var/run to
/run) is currently optional.
Richard Laager <> no 2017-07-13
remove-install-chown.patch Remove install chown This eliminates the chown/chgrp from the install commands, which allows the
package to be built without root privileges.
Richard Laager <> not-needed 2020-01-12

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