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debian/man-getopt-examples.patch util-linux: getopt(1) should point to where examples are on a Debian system

Debian BTS #913049
Matthew Vernon <> no 2018-11-06
debian/verbose-tests.patch verbose-tests
Enable verbose tests and print content of failing tests output file.
Andreas Henriksson <> no 2014-07-30
debian/hardlink-tests-known-failed.patch hardlink tests: set known failed
sha256 cannot be initialized on some archs / buildds.
Chris Hofstaedtler <> no 2022-04-12
debian/lsfd-usrbin.patch Install lsfd into /usr/bin Chris Hofstaedtler <> no 2022-04-14
debian/sensible-pager.patch Use sensible-pager Chris Hofstaedtler <> no 2022-07-14
upstream/fincore-tests-fix-double-log-output.patch fincore: (tests) fix double log output
The fincore tests call ts_log_both inside an output redirection of both stdout
and stderr, leading to the ts_log_both output ending up twice in both stdout
and stderr.
Call ts_log_both before setting up the output redirection.
Chris Hofstaedtler <> no 2023-07-18
upstream/enosys-fix-build-on-hppa.patch enosys: fix build on hppa
The following patch fixes the definition of SECCOMP_ARCH_NATIVE
on hppa.
John David Anglin <> no 2023-08-07
upstream/fadvise-test-dynamically-calculate-expected-test-values.patch fadvise: (test) dynamically calculate expected test values =?utf-8?q?Thomas_Wei=C3=9Fschuh?= <> no 2023-05-21
upstream/fadvise-tests-factor-out-calls-to-fincore.patch fadvise: (tests) factor out calls to "fincore"
This will make it easier to pass argument later.
=?utf-8?q?Thomas_Wei=C3=9Fschuh?= <> no 2023-05-21
upstream/fadvise-test-don-t-compare-fincore-page-counts.patch fadvise: (test) don't compare fincore page counts
These depend on the machines pagesize and are therefore not a good
=?utf-8?q?Thomas_Wei=C3=9Fschuh?= <> no 2023-05-21
upstream/fadvise-test-test-with-64k-blocks.patch fadvise: (test) test with 64k blocks
This will allow the tests to also pass on systems with 64k pagesizes.

Closes #2249
=?utf-8?q?Thomas_Wei=C3=9Fschuh?= <> no 2023-05-21
upstream/setarch-add-riscv64-riscv32-support.patch setarch: add riscv64/riscv32 support Michal Biesek <> no 2023-08-14
upstream/cfdisk-fix-menu-behavior-after-writing-changes.patch cfdisk: fix menu behavior after writing changes
Florian wrote:
after a successful write, cfdisk remains on the "Write" cursor and
furthermore when navigating to "Quit" will continue to show
"...without writing changes", despite there were writes. This patch
addresses that.

Based on patch from Florian Zimmermann <>
Karel Zak <> no 2023-06-26
upstream/fincore-tests-also-use-nosize-error-file.patch fincore: (tests) also use nosize error file =?utf-8?q?Thomas_Wei=C3=9Fschuh?= <> no 2023-11-13
upstream/build-only-build-test_enosys-if-an-audit-arch-exists.patch build: only build test_enosys if an audit arch exists =?utf-8?q?Thomas_Wei=C3=9Fschuh?= <> no 2023-12-01

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