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Status for valinor/1.1.4+ds-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
use-gdb-multiarch Replace arm-none-eabi-gdb with gdb-multiarch Since the introduction of gdb-multiarch, arm-none-eabi-gdb is no
longer available in Debian, so we replace it with the multiple-arch
aware version of gdb from gdb-multiarch
Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2018-12-18
soften-elftools-dependency Soften version dependency of pyelftools Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2020-07-31
soften-progen-dependency Soften version dependency of project_generator Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2020-07-31
update-pyocd-module-references Change name of pyOCD to pyocd Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2020-07-31
ignore-windows-debug-tools Drop Windows debugging tools Drop uVision from list of candidate debugging tools Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2018-12-28
drop-unused-setuptools-install-requires Drop unused modules declared in The YAML/Jinja2 dependencies were left behind after the project_generator
code was spun out of the valinor project into a separate project.
Nick Morrott <> yes upstream 2019-08-15
soften-colorama-dependency Soften versioned dependency of colorama Nick Morrott <> not-needed debian 2019-11-04
use-python3-shebang-in-tests Replace shebang in test files with python3 Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2021-01-10
replace-nose-with-unittest Migrate test from nose to unittest Nick Morrott <> not-needed debian 2024-02-11
replace-distutils-find-executable Replace find_executable from distutils (deprecated) Replace distutils.spawn.find_executable with shutil.which Nick Morrott <> not-needed 2024-02-11

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