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Status for welcome2l/3.04-28

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
00_Makefile.patch Makefile customizations Robert Luberda <> no 2002-10-21
01_manpage.patch 01_manpage
Man page fixes.
Robert Luberda <> no 2003-05-18
02_screens.patch 02_screens
Added screens 4 and 5 (modified versions of 1 and 2).
Changed default screen to 4.
Added notime option.
Some other small changes.
Robert Luberda <> no 2001-01-06
03_noblink.patch 03_noblink
Add noblink option.
Robert Luberda <> no 2002-12-04
04_typo.patch 04_typo
Fix typo on the new year's wishes screen.
Robert Luberda <> no 2004-01-18
05_meminfo.patch 05_meminfo
Get memory info from /proc/meminfo.
Robert Luberda <> no 2004-02-04
06_warnings.patch 06_warnings
Fix `pointer targets differ in signedness' compiler warning.
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-04-13
07_sprintf_ub.patch 07_sprintf_ub
Fix undefined behaviour bugs found by cppcheck.
Robert Luberda <> no 2011-02-03
08_reproducible_builds.patch 08_reproducible_builds
Use output of dpkg-parsechangelog to define COMPILE_{DATE,TIME,BY,HOST}
variables to make builds reproducible.
Robert Luberda <> no 2015-06-20
09_login_notty.patch 09_login_notty
Display the `Login on' line when -getty or -gettps options are
used, even if stdin is not connected to terminal (see #739399).
Robert Luberda <> no 2015-06-20
10_fix_ftbfs.patch Fix ftbfs with GCC-10 Sudip Mukherjee <> no debian 2020-08-07

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