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02_dbus_group_policy.patch Add D-Bus group policy
Debian does not use pam_console but uses group membership
to control access to D-Bus. Activating both options in the conf file
makes it work on Debian and Ubuntu.
Michael Biebl <> no debian 2007-03-08
07_dbus_service_syslog.patch Tweak D-Bus/systemd service activation configuration files:
* log wpa_supplicant messages to syslog
* activate control socket interface so that wpa_cli can be used by D-Bus
activated wpa_supplicant daemon
Kel Modderman <> no 2012-04-21
allow-tlsv1.patch Enable TLSv1.0 by default
OpenSSL 1.1.1 disables TLSv1.0 by default and sets the security level to 2.
Some older networks may support for TLSv1.0 and less secure cyphers.
Andrej Shadura <> no 2018-12-15
disable-eapol-werror.patch Disable -Werror for eapol_test
This may make sense for the upstream, but we just want to build
the tool to be useful to our users; dealing with build errors due
to issues normally manifesting themselves as warnings is burdening
for Debian and its downstreams.
Andrej Shadura <> no 2021-02-12
wpa_service_ignore-on-isolate.patch Add IgnoreOnIsolate=yes to keep wpa-supplicant running while systemctl isolate

> Add IgnoreOnIsolate=yes so that when switching "runlevels" in
> oem-config will not kill off wpa and cause wireless to be
> unavailable on first boot. (LP: #1576024)

Also happens when running systemctl isolate

> NM should be detecting that wpasupplicant is not running and start
> it -- this should already have been working by way of wpasupplicant
> being dbus-activated.
> It seems to me like IgnoreOnIsolate for wpasupplicant would be the
> right thing to do, or to figure out why it isn't being properly
> started when NM tries to use it.
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre <> no 2017-03-13
systemd-add-reload-support.patch Add reload support to the systemd unit files
When wifi password is written in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant-if.conf,
wpa_supplicant@if.service is started by systemd.
When one adds a new pair of SSID and its password in the above config
file, wpa_supplicant has to reload the changed config file.
But "systemctl reload" was not accepted because "ExecReload" was missing
from wpa_supplicant@.service.
Ryutaroh Matsumoto <> no debian 2019-07-08
manpage-replace-wheel-with-netdev.patch Replace the wheel group with netdev
wpa_supplicant.conf(5) manpage includes multiple examples with group wheel.
Group wheel does not exist on Debian as a result the example fails.
Thomas Glanzmann <> no debian 2022-02-13
upstream-fixes/0001-nl80211-add-extra-ies-only-if-allowed-by-driver.patch nl80211: add extra-ies only if allowed by driver
Upgrading wpa_supplicant from 2.9 to 2.10 breaks broadcom-wl
based adapters. The reason for it is hostapd tries to install additional
IEs for scanning while the driver does not support this.

The kernel indicates the maximum number of bytes for additional scan IEs
using the NL80211_ATTR_MAX_SCAN_IE_LEN attribute. Save this value and
only add additional scan IEs in case the driver can accommodate these
additional IEs.
David Bauer <> yes debian upstream 2022-01-30
upstream-fixes/0002-AP-guard-FT-SAE-code-with-CONFIG_IEEE80211R_AP.patch AP: guard FT-SAE code with CONFIG_IEEE80211R_AP
wpa_supplicant doesn't support FT in AP mode, but it still negotiates
FT-SAE. This can lead to an authentication failure when the AP is
started with key_mgmt="SAE FT-SAE" and the STA supports both.

Ensure that FT-SAE is not negotiated when CONFIG_IEEE80211R_AP is not
Beniamino Galvani <> no 2022-04-04
upstream-fixes/0003-OpenSSL-Drop-security-level-to-0-with-OpenSSL-3.0-wh.patch OpenSSL: Drop security level to 0 with OpenSSL 3.0 when using TLS 1.0/1.1
Commit 9afb68b03976 ("OpenSSL: Allow systemwide secpolicy overrides for
TLS version") with commit 58bbcfa31b18 ("OpenSSL: Update security level
drop for TLS 1.0/1.1 with OpenSSL 3.0") allow this workaround to be
enabled with an explicit network configuration parameter. However, the
default settings are still allowing TLS 1.0 and 1.1 to be negotiated
just to see them fail immediately when using OpenSSL 3.0. This is not
exactly helpful especially when the OpenSSL error message for this
particular case is "internal error" which does not really say anything
about the reason for the error.

It is is a bit inconvenient to update the security policy for this
particular issue based on the negotiated TLS version since that happens
in the middle of processing for the first message from the server.
However, this can be done by using the debug callback for printing out
the received TLS messages during processing.

Drop the OpenSSL security level to 0 if that is the only option to
continue the TLS negotiation, i.e., when TLS 1.0/1.1 are still allowed
in wpa_supplicant default configuration and OpenSSL 3.0 with the
constraint on MD5-SHA1 use.
Jouni Malinen <> no debian upstream, commit:bc99366f9b960150aa2e369048bbc2218c1d414e 2022-05-22
allow-legacy-renegotiation.patch Allow legacy renegotiation to fix PEAP issues with some servers James Ralston <> no 2022-05-01
wpa_service_netdev.patch Configure wpa_supplicant.service to create control sockets owned by group netdev Andrej Shadura <> no debian 2022-06-15
upstream-fixes/0013-wnm-Choose-best-available-bss-not-just-first-one.patch wnm: Choose best available bss, not just first one.
This should allow STA to make better choice about which
BSS to roam to.

Use estimated-throughput as comparison value. Can improve
the est-tput measurement to improve this selection criteria
if wanted in the future.
Ben Greear <> no 2023-07-27
upstream-fixes/0014-wpa_supplicant-Fix-wpa_supplicant-configuration-pars.patch wpa_supplicant: Fix wpa_supplicant configuration parsing error
In the original flow, after hostapd_config_tx_queue successfully
parses a tx_queue variable, it would not return immediately. Then it
would print out "unknow global field" later and set return val to -1.

This patch returns immediately after hostapd_config_tx_queue
successfully parses a tx_queue variable.
Michael Lee <> no 2023-07-27
upstream-fixes/0015-Abort-ongoing-scan.patch Abort ongoing scan
Along with canceling queued scan, abort ongoing scan if any, this
ensures Wi-Fi interface is in usable state after disconnect is issued,
else subsequent scan after disconnect might fail with EBUSY.
Chaitanya Tata <> no 2023-07-18

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