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Status for wxhexeditor/0.24+repack-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
08-remove-debug.patch Remove some debug printed on stdout, disable explicit -O2 and NDEBUG no 2019-08-27
11-wx3.0-fix-ftbfs-on-arm.patch Fix build with wx3.0 on arm* Olly Betts <> no 2018-03-12
12-disable-newer-upstream-version-check.patch Disable check for newer upstream version Bernhard √úbelacker <> no
01-build-with-system-mhash.patch Build with system mhash. Also fix the variables order. no 2018-03-12
06-use-libdisasm.patch Use libdisasm, as libudis86 isn't yet in Debian. no 2018-03-12
07-use-proper-opts.patch --as-needed to avoid linking with what we don't use, no static libgcc or libstdc++, use CFLAGS and friends
from the environment.
no 2018-03-12
50-reorder-link-line-to-fix-FTBFS-against-libgomp.patch reorder link line to avoid FTBFS against libgomp We are failing to link libgomp as it is presented too early on the link
line shift the linker flags later to ensure it is considered.
Andy Whitcroft <> no
13-makefile-dependencies.patch Fix makefile dependencies for cross building
When putting -lsomething on a makefile dependency, make will search for that
library in the system library search path. For cross compilation, that library
will generally not be present. Since the builder is responsible for ensuring
its presence, we simply remove such libraries from dependencies.
Helmut Grohne <> no 2018-09-26
14-wx3.2.patch Fix compatibility with wxWidgets 3.2 Scott Talbert <> no 2022-10-17

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