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Status for x11vnc/0.9.16-10

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0000-usepkgconfig.diff Use $PKG_CONFIG Antoni Villalonga <> not-needed 2019-04-08
0001-Xdummy-man-page.patch Add Xdummy man page Xdummy man page created from "Xdummy -help"

Antoni Villalonga <> invalid 2019-04-07
0002-fix-typos.patch Fix some typos on man pages and binary files Antoni Villalonga <> yes 2019-04-07
0003-x11vnc.desktop-keywords.patch Add keywords to x11vnc.desktop fileAs Lintian recommends, some keywords are added. not-needed 2019-04-07
0004-x11vnc.ftbfs-gcc10.patch Fix build on GCC-10 Antoni Villalonga <> yes debian 2020-04-17
0005-scan-limit-access-to-shared-memory-segments-to-curre.patch scan: limit access to shared memory segments to current user =?UTF-8?q?Gu=C3=A9nal=20DAVALAN?= <> not-needed debian 2020-11-18
0006-fix-manpage-acute-accents.patch Fix manpage acute accents Antoni Villalonga <> yes 2020-11-28
0007-use-clock_gettime-to-replace-gettimeofday.patch Use clock_gettime to replace gettimeofday So that the program is compatible with 64-bit time_t types on 32-bit systems

Zixing Liu <> no 2024-03-21

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