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1001_fix-desktopsharing-version.patch Fix version number in VERSION.x2goserver-desktopsharing. Mike Gabriel <> yes
1003_support-startkde-from-old-x2goclients.patch x2goruncommand: rewrite 'startkde' from old X2Go Client versions (that send 'startkde' as command instead of 'KDE') Mike Gabriel <> yes
1004_fix-manpage-generation-in-Makefile.patch Fix building POD-generated man pages.Abstract:
This patch fixes / improves various bits:
- Provide a clean target for generated man pages.
- Don't use 'install' command that changes file permissions
during build target (we might not have root privileges during
- Fix variable that gets checked during man page generation
($${suite}} vs. $${section}} in case statement.
- During parallel DEB builds (4 cores) it happened that the
pod2man run wasn't finished when the install_man target
started compressing the man page. Add a dependency
between install_man and build_pod2man (although in
d/rules these should run as independent Makefile calls).
Mike Gabriel <> no

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