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Status for xautolock/1:2.2-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
15-rephrase-manpage.patch Typo in xautolock man page Antoni Villalonga <> no debian 2020-04-17
10-fix-memory-corruption.patch Fix memory corruption xautolock: Uses freed memory for starting the locker

diff -urNad xautolock-2.1~/src/options.c xautolock-2.1/src/options.c
Roland Stigge <> no debian
11-fix-no-dpms.patch Fix no DPMS detection xautolock reset when the screen blanks

diff -x debian -Naur xautolock-2.1.orig/include/config.h xautolock-2.1/include/config.h
Roland Stigge <> no debian
12-fix-manpage.patch Fix manpage bug The manpage resulted in errors because "1" was confused with an "l" Roland Stigge <> no
13-fix-hppa-build.patch Fix HPPA build problem for Debian The Imakefile originally assumed to have a different environment regarding DPMS/screensaver on HPPA. This is not true for Debian since HPPA does not mean HP-UX Roland Stigge <> no debian
14-do-not-use-union-wait-type.patch Allows one to build against glibc >=2.24 Aurelien Jarno <> no debian 2019-04-10
16-unlimit-maxtimes.patch Remove maximum lock time limit Antoni Villalonga <> no debian 2020-04-17

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