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Status for xmds2/3.1.0+dfsg2-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
revision-number-as-deb-pkg.patch Insert Debian package version in subversionRevisionString Rafael Laboissiere <> not-needed 2019-05-10
decrease-mpirun-slots.patch Decrease the numberslots required in the unit tests calling mpirun Hopefully, this will fix the hanging problem in those tests. Rafael Laboissire <> not-needed 2019-05-10
no-generation-timestamps.patch Prevent inclusion of timestamps of the generation time This is recommended by the Debian's Reproducible Builds project:
Rafael Laboissire <> not-needed 2019-01-16
deterministic-id.patch Avoid randomness in Cheetah-generated IDs Rafael Laboissire <> not-needed 2019-01-18
no-parallel-waf-build.patch Prevent parallel executions of jobs in Waf This is an attempt to make the build of xmds2 reproducible. By
default, the Waf system uses -j2 for the amount of parallel jobs.
This gives unpredictable orders of building from the *.tmpl files at
each run, which has an impact in the randomly generated ID's in the
capture sections.
Rafael Laboissiere <> not-needed 2019-05-10
wscript-no-shebang-line.patch Comment out the shebang line The wscript script is installed as a non executable file, so there is
no need for keeping the shebang line.
Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2020-03-29
pygments-style-lexer.patch Use valid pygments style Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2022-11-02
extra-alignment-tab.patch Avoid extra alignment tab error in split environment Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2022-11-02
numpy-asscalar.patch Use numpy.ndarray.item instead of numpy.asscalar The method numpy.asscalar() is deprecated since version 1.16 of numpy
and was removed in version 1.23.
Rafael Laboissire <> yes debian 2022-12-18
vanilla-cblas.patch Link against instead of This allows the use of libopenblas-dev or libblis-dev instead of
This is a patch specific to Debian.
Rafael Laboissire <> not-needed 2023-07-12
do-not-use-imp-module.patch Do not use the deprecated imp module The imp module is deprecated in Python 3.11 and has been removed from
Python 3.12. the call to imp.new_module has been replaced by
types.ModuleType, which seems to have the same effect.
This patch works for both versions 3.11 and 3.12 of Python.
Rafael Laboissire <> yes 2024-01-30
auto-gitignore Update .gitignore from Debian packaging branch
The Debian packaging git branch contains these updates to the upstream
.gitignore file(s). This patch is autogenerated, to provide these
updates to users of the official Debian archive view of the package.

[dgit (11.5) update-gitignore]

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