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900_debian_xterm.diff Debian-specific tweaks to xterm Set the default VT widget foreground and background colors to gray90 on
black, which approximates the color scheme of the Linux virtual console
(and approximates actual DEC VT terminals far more closely than
black text on a white background in any case).
Stop using an Xaw7 gradient for the backgrounds of the xterm menus; it
produces an unappealing effect if the menus are configured to use a
larger font than the stock configuration (also, xterm has added items to
some menus since I last calculated the gradient size and I can't be
bothered to do it again).
If the X server is capable of color and has more than 8 planes of color
depth available, set the menu colors to gray15 on antique white, and
customize the appearance VT widget's scrollbar. Otherwise, do not eat up
precious entries in the color palette.
Set kbs to \177 rather than to ^H for "xterm-new" in the termcap and
terminfo files so that the backspace key is VT220-conformant, as directed
by section 9.8 of the Debian Policy Manual. This used to be done for
"xterm-debian" terminal type which is now just an alias for "xterm".
The "rep" feature has been removed from xterm-new and derived terminfo
descriptions, as it causes compatibility problems with older terminal
emulators, see
Sven Joachim <> no
902_windowops.diff Change the disallowedWindowOps default Upstream introduced a new 'disallowedWindowOps' resource to fine-tune
which operations are affected by the 'allowWindowOps' setting. After
discussion with the security team, change the default for the new
resource to include all operations.
Julien Cristau <> no
904_fontops.diff Change allowFontOps default Default the allowFontOps resource to false, to prevent potential
security issues.
Julien Cristau <> no

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