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Status for zsh/5.9-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
further-mitigate-test-suite-hangs.patch Add a sleep call which should prevent a race condition in coproc Bart Schaefer <> no debian
update-debian-sections.patch [PATCH] Update for new programming language sections Josh Triplett <> invalid debian;bug=847540;filename=0001-Update-for-new-programming-language-sections.patch;msg=13 2016-12-08
cross-compile.diff Adjust cross-compile fallback values to yes.
=== modified file 'aczsh.m4'
Dmitrijs Ledkovs <> no commit, revision id: 2012-12-20
example-shebang.patch Change shebang path in example script to Debian's zsh path Axel Beckert <> not-needed
completion-dscverify.diff Add completion for dscverify(1) from Debian's devscripts. Romain Porte <> yes debian 2020-03-21
use-pager-instead-of-more-by-default.patch Use /usr/bin/pager instead of more by default Similar issue as with, just for a
different setting. Replaces the according sed call in debian/rules.
Axel Beckert <> not-needed debian
fix-typos-in-man-pages.patch Fix two typos in man pages found by Lintian Axel Beckert <> no commit 361de369edd3bd17066b5f72e056e487545b364e
cherry-pick-3e3cfabc-revert-38150-and-fix-in-calling-function-cfp_matcher_range-instead.patch Fix a completion regression with NO_CASE_GLOB
diff --git a/Src/Zle/compmatch.c b/Src/Zle/compmatch.c
index bb8359f1d..56e5509a4 100644
Bart Schaefer <> yes debian upstream commit 3e3cfabcc74dc79d4d8717c4e5859d8d01be6c54
cherry-pick-4b7a9fd0-additional-typset--p--m-fix-for-namespaces.patch commit 4b7a9fd0ecb750646cac76c41383f8391cd0fdd9

[partial cherry-pick] 51573: additional "typset -p -m" fix for namespaces

The "-m pattern" option is supposed to enable printing namespaces, but
that didn't work when combined with -p.

The -p option could also cause an unset parameter to become set if a
named reference pointed at it.

diff --git a/Src/builtin.c b/Src/builtin.c
index d99802f5f..f38a54936 100644
Bart Schaefer <> no 2023-03-14
cherry-pick-b62e91134-51723-migrate-pcre-module-to-pcre2.patch commit b62e911341c8ec7446378b477c47da4256053dc0

51723: migrate pcre module to pcre2
Oliver Kiddle <> no 2023-05-13
cherry-pick-10bdbd8b-51877-do-not-build-pcre-module-if-pcre2-config-is-not-found.patch commit 10bdbd8b5b0b43445aff23dcd412f25cf6aa328a

51877: do not build pcre module if pcre2-config is not found
Jun-ichi Takimoto <> no 2023-06-20

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