Tagged embedded-code-copy by jwilk@debian.org

Bug Package Title Other tags
#555342 src:rest2web rest2web: Embedded code copy of python-configobj list usertags
#555349 src:python-mechanize python-mechanize: Embedded code copy of python-beautifulsoup list usertags
#555353 python-freevo python-freevo: Embedded code copy of python-feedparser list usertags
#555361 src:hplip hplip: Embedded code copy of python-pexpect list usertags
#555362 python-smartpm python-smartpm: Embedded code copy of python-pexpect list usertags
#555365 python3-sepolgen python-sepolgen: Embedded code copy of python-ply list usertags
#555371 python-plastex python-plastex: Embedded code copy of python-simpletal list usertags
#555427 src:nicotine nicotine: embedded copy of ConfigParser Python module list usertags
#555432 python-smartpm python-smartpm: embedded copy of optparse Python module list usertags
#810123 python3-websocket python3-websocket: embedded copy of Mozilla CA bundle list usertags