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Bug Package Title Other tags
#788721 src:firefox-esr firefox-esr: Some sources are missing list usertags
#829563 src:cecilia cecilia: Please update the package description and remove references to CSound list usertags
#913978 src:gnome-control-center is not accessible with Orca screenreader list usertags
#915333 src:ghc git-annex: Illegal Instruction on armel (Fujitsu Q700 like QNAP TS-21x/TS-22x) list usertags
#918826 src:python-pyknon python-pyknon: FTBFS with Sphinx 1.8: No module named pngmath list usertags
#919914 src:gnome-settings-daemon gnome-tweaks now equates "don't suspend on lid close" with "don't lock on lid close" (security issue) list usertags
#920352 src:apticron apticron: Typo in apticron.conf list usertags
#926802 src:ipywidgets ipywidgets: FTBFS (TypeError: path.scope.getBindings(...).hasOwnProperty is not a function) list usertags
#927057 src:matrix-synapse 1Gb of logs is too much list usertags
#927862 src:youtube-dl youtube-dl: needs upstream version update to continue working list usertags
#927906 src:sox CVE-2019-8354 CVE-2019-8355 CVE-2019-8356 CVE-2019-8357 list usertags
#928001 src:youtube-dl youtube-dl: Fails to download videos from youtube list usertags
#928081 src:release.debian.org unblock: matrix-synapse/0.99.2-3.1 list usertags
#928090 src:release.debian.org unblock: ipywidgets/6.0.0-4 list usertags
#928092 src:release.debian.org unblock: youtube-dl/2019.01.17-1.1 list usertags
#928098 src:release.debian.org unblock: sox/4.4.2+git20190427-1 list usertags