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Status for abiword/3.0.5~dfsg-3.2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
020171122~ef29fc9.patch Remove deprecated throw specifiers Hubert Figuière <> no debian upstream, 2021-08-10
librevenge.patch switch to librevenge-based import libsBug:: David Tardon <> no debian 2020-06-05
624095-disable_smooth_scrolling.patch Disable smooth scrolling Comment out code enabling smooth scrolling disregarding preferences
to leave decision whenever use the smooth scrolling or not to user.
Thomas Richter <> no debian other, 2020-06-05
make-clean.patch prevent breaking source tree Without this patch abiword breaks its own source tree
so the second build fail
Dmitry Smirnov <> not-needed 2020-06-05
autosave.diff Enable autosave by default Patrik Fimml <> no 2020-06-05
ctrl-comma-subscript.diff Make ctrl-comma (C-,) a shortcut for subscript text Patrik Fimml <> no 2020-06-05
mime-types-desktop.diff extend mimetypes Jari Aalto <> no 2020-06-05
mime-types.diff [PATCH] abiword.keys: Add more MIME types Jari Aalto <> no 2020-06-05
enchant2.patch use enchant-2 instead of enchant Laurent Bigonville <> no debian 2020-06-05
disable-some-unix-test.patch Disable test src/wp/test/unix on several platforms
This test times out on armel, mipsel, hppa, ppc64, riscv64, sparc64 and x32.
Disabling it allows abiword package to be built on those platforms.
Eric Long <> no 2022-08-30

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