Debian Patches

Status for acedb/4.9.39+dfsg.02-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
efetch_help.patch Add -h argument for help and -v for version info Steffen Moeller <> no 2010-07-11
dotter_help.patch Add -h argument for help Steffen Moeller <> no 2010-07-11
blxview_gtk_namespace_conflict.patch Adapt to current version of gtk no
belvu_help.patch Add -h argument for help and -v for version info Steffen Moeller <> no 2010-07-11
binutils-gold.patch add explicit link with libX11 as this is required by libgex.a. This fix a FTBFS with binutils-gold with the following error:
"./libgex.a(graphgdkremote.o): undefined reference to symbol 'XFree'"
Fabrice Coutadeur <> invalid
no-curses.patch Do not build against ncurses Andreas Tille <> no debian 2011-10-21
hardening.patch Propagate hardening options Andreas Tille <> no 2021-10-25
fix_hardening_errors.patch Fix code errors preventing compilation with hardening switched on Andreas Tille <> no 2015-12-10
mayhem.patch Fix crashes reported by Mayhem Andreas Tille <> no debian 2015-12-13
spelling.patch Silence lintians spelling nitpicking Andreas Tille <> no 2015-12-13
no_dotter_and_belvu.patch Package acedb-other-dotter and acedb-other-belvu are now transitional packages to install dotter and belvu from seqtools source
So do not even build these binaries
Andreas Tille <> no 2017-12-19
libfl.patch With shared libfl needless linking causes FTBFS Due to libfl requiring yylex. Adrian Bunk <> no debian 2018-02-26
glibc2.32.patch use strsignal for Debian builds The whole function is a helper to mimick strsignal(3) on all Unices,
so let's use this in the first place, since we know this function is
available in Debian.
√Čtienne Mollier <> no debian 2021-10-24

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