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go-1.6-text-template.patch Switch to text/template from Go 1.6 This patch adapts the whitespace trimming syntax in the man page template,
which is needed since the Debian package of
has been patched to use the upstream text/template from Go 1.6 to avoid an
unneeded dependency on the forked
Peter Colberg <> not-needed debian 2016-03-28
license.patch Add copy of upstream license text The upstream author licenses their software following the Repository
Integrated Licence Tracking Specification (RILTS). The license is
stated in the commit messages, which contain the following stanza:
©! I, Hugo Landau <>, hereby licence these changes under the
©! licence with SHA256 hash
©! fd80a26fbb3f644af1fa994134446702932968519797227e07a1368dea80f0bc.
yes upstream upstream, 2016-10-19
fix-undefined-status-code-in-redirector-test.patch Fix undefined status code in redirector test net/http panics on invalid WriteHeader status code since commit
Peter Colberg <> yes debian 2018-03-16
Revert-Switch-to-using-fork-of-go-systemd-dbus.patch Revert "Switch to using fork of go-systemd, dbus" The forks revert the use of Go modules, which are not used in Debian. Peter Colberg <> no debian 2023-02-05
Fix-FTBFS-due-to-signature-verification-error.patch Fix FTBFS due to signature verification error Since Go 1.16, x509.CreateCertificate() verifies the signature.
util_test.go:24: error: x509: signature over certificate returned by signer is invalid: crypto/rsa: verification error
Peter Colberg <> no debian 2023-02-05

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