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Status for acpitool/0.5.1-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
ac_adapter.patch Fix reading of ac_adapter information. Michael Meskes <> no
battery.patch Fix reading of battery information. Evgeni Golov <>, Michael Meskes <> no
kernel3.patch adds kernel 2.6 support no
wakeup.patch [PATCH] Use dynamic structures instead of predefined ones
* The file /proc/acpi/wakeup can have much more than 25 entries.
In my computer (Dell E6420) I have 27 entries.
So instead of using an array of [x] entries better use dynamic
vectors and push the new entries when a new line from the file
is read.

* The name of the device is not ever 4 characters. For example I
have a device called "LID" which is 3 characters long.
Instead of using a fixed size for the device we split the line
on the first tab (\t) and use the first part.
Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez <> no 2011-10-06
0001-Do-not-assume-fixed-line-lengths-for-proc-acpi-wakeu.patch [PATCH] Do not assume fixed line lengths for /proc/acpi/wakeup file
The lines in that file might be equal or longer than 40 characters, which
means that the getline() call will truncate them, possibly at the wrong
place, and then be unable to proceed, as subsequent calls will get stuck
waiting for input that is not coming.
Guillem Jover <> no 2014-11-15
typos.patch fix typos of man page no
fix-typos-in-source.patch fix typos in source code no
more_than_4_entries_in_power_supply.patch support more that 4 entries in /sys/.../power_supply/ Dietz Proepper <> no

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