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Status for afterstep/2.2.12-15

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
readded-Propaganda-submenu-with-new-location.patch readded Propaganda submenu with new location Sasha Vasko <> no 2013-07-22
Fixed-bug-starting-modules-on-multi-display-setup-ad.patch Fixed bug starting modules on multi-display setup adding extra dot into display string. Also fixes Fedora bug where 0 is truncated for no
reason. Spelling fixes.
Sasha Vasko <> no 2013-08-29
00-Makefile-and-configure.patch Customize autoconf stuff Robert Luberda <> no 2006-03-07
05-afterstepdoc.patch 05 afterstepdoc
Use sensible-browser to show afterstep's documentation.
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-03-07
06-AsDocGen.patch 06 AsDocGen
Split afterstep' and libafterimage-dev documentation.
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-03-07
10-afterstep-start.patch 10 afterstep start
Debian menu include file.
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-03-07
12-afterstep-configs.patch 12 afterstep configs
Debianise config files.
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-03-07
22-ascompose-man.patch 22 ascompose man
Fix ascompose man page.
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-03-07
23-Remove-tools-pl-suffix.patch 23 Remove tools pl suffix
Remove any .pl or .sh suffixes from installed tools, as required by the Debian Policy.
Robert Luberda <> no 2006-05-28
24-AsDocGen-man.patch 24 AsDocGen man
Documentation fixes, correct generated man pages to fix warnings emitted by man.
Robert Luberda <> no 2008-02-10
30-Menu-progress-display.patch 30 Menu progress display
Make the progress screen less verbose by displaying a line of dots
instead of menu names.
Robert Luberda <> no 2010-03-23
32-menu-xdg-location.patch 32 menu-xdg location
Add path to desktop files generated by menu-xdg.
Robert Luberda <> no 2011-02-21
36-Spelling-typos.patch 36 Spelling typos
Fix spelling typos found by lintian.
Robert Luberda <> no 2013-08-14
37-Fix-crash-with-debugging-enabled.patch 37 Fix crash with debugging enabled
Fix a crash occurring when afterstep was configured with --enable-debug.
Robert Luberda <> no 2013-08-14
38-Disable-handling-pending-events.patch 38 Disable handling pending events
Do not call HandleEventsWhileFunctionsPending() as it breaks
initial positions of WinList, Wharf and Pager modules (especially
when *PagerGeometry is set to -1+1).

This function was introduced in the following upstream commit:
commit e93736c52b39a1a42ca3a18740ea8d075a85497b

Fixed startup code to wait for autostarted windows to finish mapping
before switching to normal running mode.
Fixed hard to trigger race condition capable of locking Afterstep
into select() from modules before we are actually ready to send.
Sasha Vasko <> no 2013-02-16
39-Fix-parallel-builds.patch 39 Fix parallel builds
Add dependency on libAfterConf to PrintDesktopEntries in order to fix
parallel builds failures occurring on our build hosts:

make[3]: *** [PrintDesktopEntries] Error 1
Robert Luberda <> no 2013-09-18
40-Fix-few-gcc-warnings.patch 40 Fix few gcc warnings Robert Luberda <> no 2013-09-19
41-Fix-Functions.html-garbage.patch 41 Fix Functions.html garbage
Functions.html generated by ASDocGen contained garbage.
Commenting out the recursion stack check causes the file
to be generated several times - each generated copy is
the same as previous copy and overwrites it, and the final
file no longer contains null bytes (closes: #757328).
Robert Luberda <> no 2014-10-25
42-Disable-FollowTitleChanges.patch 42 Disable FollowTitleChanges
Disable FollowTitleChanges in feel.Debian (closes: #441897).
Robert Luberda <> no 2014-10-25
43-Fix-gcc-warning.patch 43 Fix gcc warning
Fix "undefined behaviour" warning
Robert Luberda <> no 2014-10-25
44-Fix-build-with-gcc-5.patch 44 Fix build with gcc 5
Remove `inline' keywords from header files, and fix implicit
declaration warnings to make the code compile with gcc 5, which
have the c99 standard enabled by default.
Robert Luberda <> no debian 2015-03-22
45-Fix-libAfterBase-Makefile.patch 45 Fix libAfterBase Makefile
Do not try to install afterimage-libs afterimage-config
in libAfterBase Makefile, those two scripts are installed
by libAfterImage.
Robert Luberda <> no 2015-03-22
46-Show-compiler-flags.patch 46 Show compiler flags
Do not hide compiler flags to fix the warning given by build log scaner
Robert Luberda <> no 2015-03-22
47-Add-build-date-to-ASDocGen.patch Add build date to ASDocGen
Add build-date flag for use the given unix time instead current time in
Juan Picca <> no 2015-05-18
48-Make-build-reproducible.patch Make build reproducible
Add variable ASDOCGENOPTS in to pass extra options to ASDocGen
when build the documentation.
Juan Picca <> no 2015-05-19
49-Reproducible-FAQ.patch Reproducible FAQ
Fix gen_faq_doc() to sort directory entries by names to ensure
that FAQ is generated in the correct order.
Robert Luberda <> no 2016-02-20
50-Spelling-typos.patch Spelling typos
Fix various spelling typos found by lintian.
Robert Luberda <> no 2016-02-20
51-Warning.patch Fix a warning
Fix the following warning by using mystrcasecmp:
ASDocGen.c:263:9: warning: implicit declaration of function 'strcasecmp' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
if( strcasecmp( argv[i], "none") == 0 )
Robert Luberda <> no 2016-03-01
52-Remove-iceweasel.patch Remove iceweasel and iceape
Remove both apps from the afterstep config files.
Robert Luberda <> no 2017-01-18
53-Spelling-typos.patch Spelling typos
Fix various spelling errors found by lintian.
Robert Luberda <> no 2017-01-19
54-Adapt-to-gsd-324.patch Adapt to gnome-settings-daemon 3.24
afterstep includes a GNOME Flashback session file for easy log in to a
GNOME Flashback session using afterstep. gnome-settings-daemon 3.24
has split itself into separate binaries and the gnome-session file
will no longer work.
Jeremy Bicha <> no 2017-07-27
55-Pass-host-to-sub-configure.patch Pass --host option to subprojects ./configure
afterstep fails to cross build from source, because the subprojects
configured from the main ./configure are configured without --host. I.e.
the upstream build system fails to propagate --host. I hope that the
attached patch fixes the problem.
Helmut Grohne <> no 2018-05-20
56-Fix-autotools-pkg-config.patch Fix autotools pkg-config for cross compiling
to fix `autotools-pkg-config-macro-not-cross-compilation-safe'
lintian's warning.
Robert Luberda <> no 2018-08-30
57-Use-pkg-config-for-freetype.patch Use pkg-config to detect freetype
As the next libfreetype6-dev will not ship the freetype-config
script, switch to using pkg-config to detect freetype includes
and libraries.
Robert Luberda <> no 2018-08-30
58-Switch-to-AC_TRY_COMPILE.patch afterstep FTCBFS: uses AC_TRY_RUN
Thank you for applying my earlier patch #899200 and for running
autoreconf. That moved us forward quite a bit. It still fails cross
building, because it uses AC_TRY_RUN. In all cases, running the
executables is not necessary, because the relevant property can be
determined by compile-only checks. The attached patch implements that
and makes configuration succeed. It still fails building manual pages
with an Exec format error. If the manual pages were moved to
afterstep-data, one could maybe skip the manual page generation step.
Helmut Grohne <> no 2018-09-09
59-Spelling-typos.patch Fix more spelling typos found by lintian Robert Luberda <> no 2019-11-04
60-Fix-FTBFS-ar-clq.patch Fix compilation with new binutils
Replace 'ar clq' with 'ar cq', as binutils 2.36 started
using the 'l' option that was previously ignored most
probably for backward compatibility with ancient Unix
Robert Luberda <> no 2021-01-25

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