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Status for alsa-ucm-conf/1.2.12-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-ucm2-add-PinePhone-configuration.patch [PATCH 1/2] ucm2: add PinePhone configuration Arnaud Ferraris <> no 2020-05-12
0002-ucm2-add-PineTab-configuration.patch [PATCH 2/2] ucm2: add PineTab configuration Arnaud Ferraris <> no 2020-05-12
0003-ucm2-add-improved-Librem-5-profiles.patch [PATCH] ucm2: add improved Librem 5 profile
This commit adds a more fine-tuned UCM profile for the Librem 5:
* input and ouput paths are split so we can select both devices
* it uses standard UCM names for the use-cases and devices

This is not the final profile, as it requires additional components:
* The headset mic isn't functional on the L5 yet and mic detection isn't
implemented, so Headset mic priority is lowered to make sure the
internal microphone is always used
Arnaud Ferraris <> no 2020-10-08

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