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use-system-pybind11.patch diff --git a/pyamgcl/CMakeLists.txt b/pyamgcl/CMakeLists.txt
index 17085b8..eff35eb 100644
disable-viennacl-tests.patch OpenCL hardware must be available for this test to work, so I disable it. There's a smarter way to do this in the viennacl debian repo (they
disable the hardware-dependent tests only if the hardware isn't found), but I
don't know how to do that within cmake and boost. It's not worth my time to
figure it out, so I'm turning that off unconditionally

diff --git a/tests/CMakeLists.txt b/tests/CMakeLists.txt
index 54e82f0..7c0b9a5 100644
build-fix-on-32bit-platforms.patch Fix build errors on i386 Solves two separate issues described in the Debian bug: an int/size_t compile
error and a linker error for the "undone" symbol
diff --git a/examples/mpi/mba.hpp b/examples/mpi/mba.hpp
index 1a63f99..47b7326 100644
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