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Status for apache-curator/5.5.0-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01-change-maven-packaging.patch Change the Maven packaging from 'bundle' to 'jar' Emmanuel Bourg <> not-needed
02-tests-without-TempDir-annotation.patch we cannot build the tests that use the @TempDir annotation from a recent version of junit5, which is not yet in Debian Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2022-06-28
03-no-Awaitility.patch the Awaitility classes are not packaged for Debian yet Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2022-06-28
04-tests-classifier.patch Substituting old type "test-jar" with classifier "tests". Discussed on about
libapfloat-java, this seems to be a Debian-only issue.
Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2022-06-28
05-tests-requiring-network.patch deactivating tests that would need the network to be run Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2022-11-19
06-skip-comparison-of-gzipped-data.patch following a change in the Gzip implementation in OpenJDK17, we skip the comparison of the gzipped data to a reference until this reference
gets updated.
Pierre Gruet <> no 2022-11-19
07-skip_testResettingOfLeadershipAfterConcurrentLeadershipChange.patch skipping a test that fails on buildds but not on the porterbox nor on my own machine Pierre Gruet <> not-needed 2022-11-19
zookeeper-3.9.1.patch starting from zookeeper 3.9.1, the duplicate() method is not available anymore, removing the whole method. Pierre Gruet <> no 2023-10-28

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