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Status for apophenia/1.0+ds-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
upstream-fix-implicit-model-ols_log_likelihood.patch upstream - fix implicit in ols_log_likelihood Fix what looks like an implicit in behaviour in function
ols_log_likelihood; thanks to Christian Ehrhardt
<> for figuring out the
Jerome Benoit <> yes vendor, Debian 2019-08-16
upstream-mysql-8.0.patch upstream -- mysql8 Transition to mysql8. Christian Ehrhardt <> yes vendor, canonical 2019-08-16
upstream-bug-793998-tests_distribution_tests-2.patch upstream -- RC bug fix 793998 -- tests/distribution_tests Missing option in apop_data_pack call: isolated and tested by
Gianfranco Costamagna <>; fixed by
Ben Klemens <>.
Ben Klemens <>
Gianfranco Costamagna <>
no debian/upstream 2015-08-30
upstream-fix-typo.patch upstream -- typo -- model/apop_loess.c Fix a misstyped GSL macro: DBL_EPSILON instead of GSL_DBL_EPSILON .
Jerome Benoit <>
yes debian 2015-12-02
upstream-enhancement-eg_test_updating.patch upstream -- enhancement -- test_updating Render Apop_stopif message emitted by eg/test_updating.c more precise.
Jerome Benoit <>
yes debian 2015-12-02
upstream-correction-spelling-error-in-source.patch upstream source spelling correction Correct spelling typo in source as emitted by Lintian,
spelling-error-in-binary tag; meant to be submitted to the
upstream maintainer.
Jerome Benoit <> yes debian 2016-02-02
debianization.patch debianization Meant to maintain a minimal debian/rules, to fix warnings,
to address Debian specific stuff in general.
Jerome Benoit <> no debian 2016-07-05
debianization-help2man.patch debianization -- help2man Generate help2man man pages for the command line utilities. Jerome Benoit <> no debian 2014-08-12
debianization-documentation.patch debianization -- documentation Address Debian Policy requirements for documentation. Jerome Benoit <> no debian 2015-07-09
debianization-bug-597187_757967_841636-mysql_config.patch debianization -- workaround around bugs Meant to workaround bugs #597187, #757967 and 841636 Jerome Benoit <> no debian 2016-12-19
debianization-adhoc.patch debianization -- ad hoc Meant to address Debian Policy requirements through ad hoc approaches:
a PNG image that must be present in the source tarball is imported
and incorporated as is as Debian material; this regrettable oversight
has been reported to the upstream maintainer.
Jerome Benoit <> no debian 2015-07-08
debianization-bug-gcc9-XXX.patch debianization -- workaround around a gcc9 bug Meant to workaround what looks like a gcc9 compiler bug:
the merit of this patch is that it works, do not ask me why.
Jerome Benoit <> not-needed vendor, debian 2019-08-16

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