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Status for apper/1.0.0-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
01_Install-apper-binary-as-TARGET-instead-of-PROGRAM.patch [PATCH 01/18] Install apper binary as TARGET instead of PROGRAM
Otherwise the RPATH set in add_target_properties is ignored

Differential Revision:
Antonio Rojas <> no upstream 2018-02-21
02_fix-build-with-editorigins.patch Fix compilation when EDIT_ORIGNS_DESKTOP_NAME is defined Daniel Nicoletti <> no 2018-02-21
03_Update-AppStream-metainfo.patch Sync AppStream metainfo with upstream Matthias Klumpp <> no 2020-02-21
04_Fix-build-against-Qt-5.11.patch [PATCH 09/18] Fix build against Qt 5.11+ Rex Dieter <> no 2018-07-31
05_Fix-proxy-file-watching.patch [PATCH 10/18] Fix proxy file watching
Was registering the file to the wrong watcher
Aleix Pol <> no 2018-09-20
06_Fix-apperd-metadata.patch [PATCH 11/18] Fix apperd metadata
Thanks to Jon Burgess

Daniel Nicoletti <> no 2018-09-23
07_Removed-background-gradient.patch [PATCH 14/18] Removed background gradient
Removed a background gradient that's impossible to render properly on most screens.
Basically the same as D16998

Reviewed By: #vdg, ndavis

Differential Revision:
Jan Przybylak <> no 2018-12-16
08_Fix-postupdate-crash-iterator.patch fix crash by iterating variable properly "m_checkedPackages.erase() is called, but the iterator
is not increased, therefore on the next iteration we
use an invalid iterator."
Alexander Kernozhitsky <> yes debian upstream 2020-05-21
09_Fix-FTBFS-Qt5_14.patch Enable building with Qt 5.14 invalid upstream, 2020-07-28
10_port-from-kmessagebox-sorry.patch [PATCH] Port away from deprecated KMessageBox::sorry
"Friedrich W. H. Kossebau" <> no 2022-08-11
11_non-deprecated-KDEInstallDirs-variables.patch [PATCH] Use non-deprecated KDEInstallDirs variables
"Friedrich W. H. Kossebau" <> no 2022-08-11
12_KDECompilerSettings-NO_POLICY_SCOPE.patch [PATCH] Include KDECompilerSettings with NO_POLICY_SCOPE
"Friedrich W. H. Kossebau" <> no 2022-08-11

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