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Status for apriltag/3.3.0-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0002-I-explicitly-expose-ONLY-the-symbols-I-want-to-expor.patch I explicitly expose ONLY the symbols I want to export Dima Kogan <> no 2018-12-31
0003-Python-library-is-installed-to-the-proper-place.patch Python library is installed to the proper place Dima Kogan <> no 2021-03-28
0006-Split-the-code-into-two-libraries.patch Split the code into two libraries
- JUST the core apriltag functionality. Symbols are namespaced
for the most part. Symbols not exposed to the outside by default. Only a
whitelist is exposed. Most users want this library

- All the other stuff. The Apriltag sources provide
utility functions for common tasks such as option parsing and jpeg
reading/writing, and those are available here. Most notably, the demos need
this library. All the symbols are exposed to the outside.
Dima Kogan <> no 2021-03-28
0007-added-simple_demo-uses-JUST-the-core-apriltag-functi.patch added simple_demo: uses JUST the core apriltag functions Dima Kogan <> no 2021-03-28
0005-Libraries-refer-to-the-most-recent-version.patch Libraries refer to the most recent version Dima Kogan <> no 2021-03-28
0011-apriltag.pc-not-specifying-redundant-paths.patch apriltag.pc: not specifying redundant paths
The include and lib paths are just the defaults, so I don't specify them
Dima Kogan <> no 2021-03-28
0012-readme-remove-install-directions.patch =================================================================== no

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