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Status for ardentryst/1.71-9

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-desktop-file.patch Patch to fix exec and icon paths in Ardentryst.desktop no
python3.patch Port to Python 3 Reiner Herrmann <> no debian
python3fix.patch Python 3 port introduced at least five severe bugs.

* Customizing action keys via Options, Control prints 2 deprecation warnings
and no longer works, changed keys aren't saved. Not being able to remap
keys makes it hard for users of non-English keyboards. (
* Playing as Nyx and casting Ice ([D][S]) or Implosion ([D][W]) instantly
crashes the game due to 3 exceptions. (
* Playing as Pyralis and using Spin-slash ([C][S]) hangs gameplay, you have
to abort the current level to be able to move again. (
no debian
savesfix.patch Fix crashes when renaming or removing saves.

* Opening the in-game menu with [Q] and renaming the player name with [R]
crashed the game. Appearently, the code had been edited to put saves in the
user's home dir, but the rename function was forgotten and accessed the wrong
place. (
* Deleting a save crashed if it was the only save left. The game didn't know
where to put the cursor in the now empty list of saves. Fixed by returning
to the main menu in this case. (
* Both of these fails were caught by the game's own error handling code, which
unfortunately threw another exception, because it, too, was trying to write
its bug report to the wrong dir. (
no debian

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