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Status for arduino-ctags/5.8-arduino11-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fixes/Remove-unneeded-quote-for-apostrophe.patch Remove unneeded quote for apostrophe
The man page is using an apostrophe for closing a quote, this isn't
needed in this case.
Carsten Schoenert <> no 2021-01-05
fixes/Fix-misspelled-word-langauge.patch Fix misspelled word langauge Carsten Schoenert <> yes 2021-01-05
debian-hacks/Using-arduino-as-an-prefix-for-files-to-install.patch Using arduino as an prefix for files to install
To not conflict with the ctags binary from the exuberant-ctags package
use a prefix for the Arduino modified version.
Carsten Schoenert <> no 2021-01-05
exuberant-debian-hacks/Use-memmove-on-overlapping-strings.patch Use memmove on overlapping strings
strcpy is not guaranteed to work on overlapping strings, and this can lead
to broken paths appearing in tag files. Use memmove instead.
Ben Spencer <Ben Spencer> invalid other, 2011-02-17
exuberant-debian-hacks/python-Disable-import-parsing-by-default.patch python: Disable import parsing by default
Parsing imports mixes up imports with actual class definitions. If you need
to re-enable this, use the --python-kinds=+i option.
Barry Warsaw <> no upstream 2010-08-17
exuberant-debian-hacks/Fix-infinite-loop-parsing-vim-commands.patch Fix infinite loop parsing vim commands
This happens if a non-alphanumeric character other than whitespace or '-' is
found before the first alphanumeric character after 'command'.
Colin Watson <> no upstream 2011-03-17
exuberant-debian-hacks/Add-Go-support.patch Add Go support Alexey Marinichev <> no debian other, 2011-07-20
exuberant-debian-hacks/Changed-the-javascript-parser-to-set-the-tag-s-scope-rath.patch Changed the javascript parser to set the tag's scope rather than including it in the tag name.

Patch from Colomban.
David Fishburn no debian upstream, 2014-09-27
exuberant-debian-hacks/Don-t-build-the-compilation-date-and-time-into-the-binary.patch Don't build the compilation date and time into the binary
This made the build unreproducible.
Colin Watson <> no 2015-03-14
exuberant-debian-hacks/Fix-build-with-gcc-fno-common.patch Fix build with gcc -fno-common

!Note about an important difference between arduino-ctags and exuberant-ctags!
The original exuberant-ctags (version 5.9) has already a file objc.c
which the original patch from the Debian package did cover, this part was
removed so the patch can apply to the arduino-ctags version too.
Colin Watson <> no debian 2020-04-17
exuberant-debian-hacks/Adjust-__unused__-macro-after-glibc-changes-2.33.patch Adjust __unused__ macro after glibc changes 2.33++
The build is breaking with glibc >= 2.33 due changes in cdefs.h.
This patch is mostly just a hack and no proper solution, it's taken from
the Gentoo people. no 2022-08-16

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