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Status for arj/3.10.22-26

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
001_arches_align.patch Correct build failure on ia64 due to unaligned memory access.
Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2008-06-16
002_no_remove_static_const.patch Set the static const intergrity_identifier variable as volatile instead of building the file with -O0 to avoid the compiler optimizing it
away, so that we can use standard flags everywhere.
Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2013-05-10
003_64_bit_clean.patch Make code 64-bit clean.
Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2005-11-24
004_parallel_build.patch Fix upstream build sysstem to support parallel builds. Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2007-12-05
005_use_system_strnlen.patch Detect and conditionally use system strnlen function. This fixes build failures when the system has eglibc 2.10. Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2009-09-13
006_use_safe_strcpy.patch Use a safe strcpy for overlapping strings, among others fixes a build problem with a mangled generated .c file by msgbind
(thus FTBFS), and CRC errors at run-time.
Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2010-07-26
hurd_no_fcntl_getlk.patch Fix build failure on GNU/Hurd, by handling unimplemented fcntl(F_GETLK). The Hurd does not implement yet fcntl(F_GETLK) and
returns ENOSYS, handle this as a non-fatal error.
Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2013-05-10
security_format.patch Fix format security errors. Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2013-05-09
doc_refer_robert_k_jung.patch Refer to original author Robert K. Jung in the manual page.
Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2008-06-16
gnu_build_fix.patch Fix build failure on GNU/Hurd due to missing -ldl, by adding “gnu*” to the configure case handling libdl linking. Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2011-02-28
gnu_build_flags.patch Fix upstream build system to honour CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS. Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2013-05-09
gnu_build_strip.patch Support nostrip build option. By changing the upstrem build system to optionally strip the binaries
after the linking stage and before their preprocessing.
Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2013-05-10
gnu_build_pie.patch Support PIE build option. We always pass -shared and -fPIC after all user defined flags, so that these
will override any possibly passed -fPIE option.
Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2016-06-03
self_integrity_64bit.patch Fix arj self-integrity check on 64-bit systems
diff -Naur arj-3.10.22/arj_proc.c arj-3.10.22.patched/arj_proc.c
B Watson <> no other, 2014-08-06
security-afl.patch Fix buffer overflow causing an invalid pointer free(). Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2015-02-26
security-traversal-dir.patch Fix absolute path traversals. Catch multiple leading slashes when checking for absolute path traversals.
Fixes CVE-2015-0557.
Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2015-02-26
security-traversal-symlink.patch Fix symlink directory traversal. Do not allow symlinks that traverse the current directory, nor absolute
Fixes CVE-2015-0556.
Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2015-03-28
out-of-bounds-read.patch Fix out-of-bounds read We need to handle possible overflows, by using an int instead of a short,
and terminating if after computing the index it is out-of-bounds.
Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2015-07-01
remove_build_date.patch Remove the build date
Presenting the date of the build is of very limited value. It has
significant downsides though:
* Embedding the date makes the build unreproducible. An alternative
to removing it would be using SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.
* The way of computing it involves running the today utility which
is compiled with the host architecture compiler and thus breaks
cross compilation.

Thus this patch opts for removing the dubious feature.
Helmut Grohne <> no
reproducible_help_archive.patch Force the timestamp for the help.arj embedded in the executable to the date from SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, and use DOS mode, to avoid recording
the UNIX file attributes, to generate a reproducible archive.
Make the -hdo option also affect the stored atime and ctime.
Guillem Jover < no
gnu_build_cross.patch Fix cross builds Set the CC detected in configure in the generated makefile.
Thanks to Helmut Grohne <>
Set CROSS_BUILDING at configure time.
Set CC_FOR_BUILD in configure and use it in the makefile to build any tool
executed at build time.
When cross-building build another arj program for the build architecture.
Guillem Jover <> no debian vendor 2019-07-11
fix-time_t-usage.patch Use proper time_t type instead of unsigned long for variables that are being passed to localhost() and gmtime(). This fixes several
segfaults on x32.
Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2019-08-11
gnu_build_fix_autoreconf.patch Fix to work with autoreconf. Guillem Jover <> no vendor 2020-12-24

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