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Status for assimp/5.2.5~ds0-1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
use-system-utf8cpp.patch Make sure to include utf8.h from Debian

using libutfcpp-dev, rather than the included version
=?utf-8?q?=22IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig_=28Debian/GNU=29=22?= no Debian 2019-10-17
use-system-stb_image.patch Use system provided STB image loading =?utf-8?q?=22IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig_=28Debian/GNU=29=22?= not-needed Debian 2019-10-17
use-system-libdraco.patch use libdraco-dev provided by the system IOhannes m zmölnig no Debian 2021-11-23
pyassimp.patch simple dylib loading by using ctypes functionality
simplified original (complicated and somewhat broken) dylib loading
functionality with code suggested by Jakub Wilk.
This has not been forwarded (yet) to upstream, as the fix will not
work on platforms such as w32
=?utf-8?q?=22IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig_=28Debian/GNU=29=22?= no 2018-10-23
pyassimp_faces.patch handle variable-length facet-indices in PyAssimp

numpy.array() requires each element to have the same dimension, but the face
indices might have varying length.
=?utf-8?q?=22IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig_=28Debian/GNU=29=22?= yes upstream 2019-12-09
doxygen.patch removed calls to HHC (only available on w32)
and install into tmp-directories (make 'clean' target easier)
=?utf-8?q?=22IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig_=28Debian/GNU=29=22?= no 2018-10-23

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