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Status for astropy/5.2.1-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
Don-t-install-showtable-script.patch Don't install showtable script
This script is rather trivial, lacks a manpage, and conflicts with the
libdata-showtable-perl package.
Ole Streicher <> no 2018-02-13
Disable-remote-access-to-get-M3-coords.patch Disable remote access to get M33 coords Ole Streicher <> no 2018-12-28
Allow-XFAIL-tests-to-pass.patch Allow XFAIL tests to pass Ole Streicher <> no 2019-10-13
Don-t-turn-deprecation-warnings-into-errors.patch Don't turn deprecation warnings into errors
Taken from
Pey Lian Lim <> no 2019-12-12
Make-some-votable-tests-xfail-that-fail-under-mips64el.patch Make some votable tests xfail that fail under mips64el

The failure we get is

def test_doubleComplex(self):
assert issubclass(self.array['doubleComplex'].dtype.type,
> assert_array_equal(
[np.nan+0j, 0+0j, 0+-1j, np.nan+(np.inf*1j), np.nan+0j])
E Arrays are not equal
E x: MaskedArray([inf+infj, 0. +0.j, 0. -1.j, inf+infj, inf+infj])
E y: array([nan +0.j, 0. +0.j, 0. -1.j, nan+infj, nan +0.j])

astropy/io/votable/tests/ ValueError
Ole Streicher <> no 2019-12-20
Mark-LevMarLSQFitter-test-xfail.patch Mark LevMarLSQFitter test xfail
This test fails on i386

Ole Streicher <> no 2023-02-02
Weaken-leap-second-validity-requirement-for-tests.patch Weaken leap second validity requirement for tests Ole Streicher <> no 2020-02-20
Remove-intersphinx-mapping.patch Remove intersphinx mapping Ole Streicher <> no 2020-02-20
Use-system-wide-configobject-validate.patch Use system wide configobject+validate Ole Streicher <> no 2020-06-12
Use-system-ply-instead-of-local-copy.patch Use system ply instead of local copy Ole Streicher <> no 2020-06-12
Ignore-FPE-warnings-for-armel-build.patch Ignore FPE warnings for armel build
Ole Streicher <> no 2020-11-11
Don-t-rely-on-sphinx_changelog.patch Don't rely on sphinx_changelog
There is no Debian package available yet.
Ole Streicher <> no 2021-06-23
Ignore-invalid-value-warnings-that-happen-on-mips64el.patch Ignore invalid value warnings that happen on mips64el Ole Streicher <> no 2021-09-24
Temporarily-disable-restriction-for-matplotlib-version.patch Temporarily disable restriction for matplotlib version Ole Streicher <> no 2022-06-29
Ignore-warnings-about-distutils-setuptools-import-order.patch Ignore warnings about distutils/setuptools import order Ole Streicher <> no 2022-10-23

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