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rename-lapack-atlas.patch Rename ATLAS incomplete liblapack.a to liblapack_atlas.a The liblapack.a created by ATLAS build system is incomplete: it only contains
a small subset of the full LAPACK API (only those optimized by ATLAS).
Hence rename this library to liblapack_atlas.a to avoid a name conflict with
the full liblapack.a.
In particular, note that the "-Ss flapack" option of the configure script does
not work as expected as of ATLAS 3.10.3.
<david@evans> not-needed 2017-08-08
mips.patch On mips{,el}, do not pass -mabi=n32 flag. The mips{,el} ports use the O32 ABI.
See for more details on ABIs.
yes upstream 2017-08-25
kfreebsd.patch Ensure that kfreebsd-* is detected as FreeBSD The "GNU" test is moved at the end, otherwise kfreebsd is recognized as Linux.
This is necessary in order to have correct linker flags.
yes 2017-08-28
generic.patch Add a GENERIC machine type In practice this type will have the same effect than the UNKNOWN machine type,
except that it does not try to autodetect the machine CPU.
This is useful when trying to build a generic package on an arch for which
ATLAS does not define a generic machine type. For example, on a armel buildd
with ARMv7 CPU, ATLAS would detect ARMv7 if provided the UNKNOWN type.
Sbastien Villemot <> not-needed debian 2017-08-16
ppc64el-abiv2.patch ELFv2 ABI changes for ppc64el For more details, see:
yes debian 2014-10-24
ppc64el-ifdef-files-with-lvx.patch Skip optimizations for big-endian PowerPC. Some of the existing optimized files/cases for PowerPC
contain assembly instructions with implicit big-endian
behavior - thus incorrect for the little-endian mode -
incurring tests failures during the build (i.e., FTBFS).
This is being worked on; this is the workaround for now.
Note: this is an alternative for Michael Normand's patch
in order not to touch file lists/indexes, but only C
source code, so the C preprocessor can avoid code per-arch.
For more details, see:
Mauricio Faria de Oliveira <> yes debian 2014-10-28
powerpc-dcbt.patch Fix FTBFS on powerpc with recent binutils A recent modification in binutils (see introduced a change
in the way the ppc assembly instructions "dcbt" and "dcbtst" are handled.
When compiling on a generic ppc processor, the 3-arguments form of those
instructions is no longer accepted, and one must instead use a 2-arguments
form (ignoring the TH argument).
Incidentally, the binutils change also fixed a bug in the way those
instructions were handled. On a generic ppc processor, they used to be
interpreted in the so-called "embedded" form ("dcbt TH, RA, RB", only used on
some embedded machines), while they should have been interpreted in the
so-called "server" form ("dcbt RA, RB, TH"). The ATLAS assembly directive were
apparently written in "server" form, and were therefore mis-assemblied.
Ideally, this patch should be improved in order to use the TH argument on
machines that support it (only needed in atlas_prefetch.h; other instances use
the default zero value for TH).
Sbastien Villemot <> no 2015-11-23
fix-typos.patch Fix typos Sbastien Villemot <> yes 2017-08-25
missing-cflags.patch Add missing CFLAGS when building xmmgen_sse Sbastien Villemot <> no 2017-08-08
ppc64-endianness.patch Fix endianness detection on ppc64* The __ORDER_LITTLE_ENDIAN__ macro is defined even on big endian systems. Sbastien Villemot <> yes 2017-08-25
gfortran-10.patch Fix FTBFS with gfortran 10 no debian other, 2020-05-20

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