Debian Patches

Status for atop/2.10.0-3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
debian-bug-1069859 fix crash on 64 bit time_t Steve Langasek <> yes 2024-05-31
honor-ldflags keep LDFLAGS content set by debian/rules Marc Haber <> yes 2024-01-06
disable-mkdate disable mkdate, keep versdate.h at original this is supposed to help with reproducibility Marc Haber <> not-needed
atop-rotate-systemctl-path systemctl is in /bin on Debian Marc Haber <> no 2022-08-10
dh_systemd_enable do not install atop.service and atopacct.service Marc Haber <> invalid 2016-08-07
dh_installinit do not install init scripts directly Marc Haber <> invalid 2016-08-07
lsb-init-functions call isb/init-functions for systemd compatibility Marc Haber <> no 2016-08-07
atopacct.service adapt upstreams service file to Debian Marc Haber <> no 2016-08-07
init-script-lsb-headers Short-Description and Description were swapped Marc Haber <> invalid 2016-08-07
force-reload force-reload is required, and restart|force-reload should not be a no-op Marc Haber <> invalid 2016-08-07
dependency-on-remote-fs If init script uses files from /usr, $remote_fs is needed as Dependency Marc Haber <> invalid 2016-08-07
no-files-in-var-log don't create dummy files in log dir on package build Marc Haber <> no 2016-08-07
no-version-symlinks do not symlink atop(sar)-$(VERS) Marc Haber <> invalid 2016-08-07
var-run replace /var/run with /run Marc Haber <> invalid 2016-08-07
atop-pm install atop-pm to /etc/systemd/system-sleep/atop-pm Marc Haber <> no 2016-10-25
no-atopgpud do not install atopgpud Marc Haber <> no 2019-01-18
handle-default-file Debian packaging handles /etc/defaults file itself Marc Haber <> no 2020-11-19
default create Debian's atop.default file as patched from Upstream's Marc Haber <> no 2019-02-17
debian-bug-1063698 proper use or pkg-config to allow cross builds Helmut Grohne <> yes 2024-05-31

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