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Status for attr/1:2.5.1-4

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
build-require-autoconf-version.patch Fix for incompatibility with autoconf2.13 This package will not build if autconf2.13 is installed.
Adding AC_PREREQ allows the automatic checks to run the correct
version of autconf, whichever is installed, or to get a clear error
message about the problem.
Wookey <> invalid debian vendor
syscalls-linux.patch Only include the compat syscall stubs on Linux systems These are Linux specific syscalls. Other systems either already have
these function on their libc, or would need different implementations.
This restores the previous behavior before the build system modernization.
Guillem Jover <> invalid vendor
compat-xattr-header.patch Reintroduce removed xattr.h header for backwards compatibility. There are too many packages still using this header, we cannot just remove
it w/o breaking tons of stuff. Let's create a proper transition.
We will later introduce a warning so that programs transition to the header
provided by glibc.
Guillem Jover <> not-needed
l10n-update-nl.patch Update Dutch translation Frans Spiesschaert <> invalid vendor
l10n-update-fr.patch Update French translation Jean-Pierre Giraud <> invalid vendor
man-pages-typo-fixes.patch Fix various typos Guillem Jover <> invalid vendor
man-attr-no-xfs-specific.patch Make the attr(1) man page non-XFS specific. Guillem Jover <> yes vendor
man-fix-macros.patch Fix man pages to remove mdoc-specific macros Guillem Jover <> invalid vendor
gettext-musl.patch Fix cross-compilation on musl-based systems. The gettext implementation in musl does not define some of the internal
symbols that AM_GNU_GETTEXT used to check for. This got fixed in gettext
0.19.8, but the AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION macro requires a specific version
even if the system contains a higher one. We switch to use the new
AM_GNU_GETTEXT_REQUIRE_VERSION macro which requires at least a specific
version, and bump the AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION to the first one that had
support for the new macro.
Guillem Jover <> yes vendor
0001-man-Use-apostrophe-instead-of-acute-accent.patch [PATCH attr] man: Use apostrophe instead of acute accent
The groff sequence «\'» generates an acute accent, when the intention
here was to use apostrophe.
Guillem Jover <> invalid vendor 2022-12-03

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