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Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
local_mathjax.patch use locally installed mathjax This patch makes use of the locally installed mathjax script so that equations
in the documentation can be rendered when no internet connection is available.
Paul Brossier <> not-needed 2013-12-29
fixtypos.patch fix typos This patch includes upstream commits 98927ca..8e84c46 to fix typos.

diff --git a/python/ext/aubio-docstrings.h b/python/ext/aubio-docstrings.h
index 2929ee12..26cada03 100644
Paul Brossier <> not-needed 2019-06-20
fixpowerpc.patch commit c60e048f3aba852710b9763a6fb24adad2017f40

[py] fix pvoc tests on powerpc

diff --git a/python/tests/ b/python/tests/
index cf3b7ac8..b228269e 100755
Paul Brossier <> no 2019-06-20
fixi386.patch relax precision for tests to pass on i386 This patch include upstream commits 5039244..099237f to relax precision
tests so that they pass on i386.

diff --git a/python/tests/ b/python/tests/
index fcd8fa1d..a1f4f8e9 100755
Paul Brossier <> not-needed 2019-06-21
wscript_py3.patch use current interpreter to create test sound files This patch ensures the current interpreter is used to run create_tests_source.

Paul Brossier <> not-needed 2020-01-02
waflib-py311.patch Make 'waflib' compatible with Python3.11 =?utf-8?q?=22IOhannes_m_zm=C3=B6lnig_=28Debian/GNU=29=22?= no 2023-01-15
ffmpeg5.patch Fix compilation with ffmpeg-5.0 Paul Brossier no upstream 2022-06-30
waflib-py312.patch Conceal imp warnings in Python3 Workaround removal of imp module in Python 3.12 Thomas Nagy <> yes debian upstream vendor, 2024-02-02

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