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Status for autoconf2.13/2.13-69

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update Do not us deprecated in, as shipped by autoconf2.13 currently uses, a perl 4 era
library, which is deprecated and will not be part of perl 5.16. Even now, now
using emits warnings about deprecation.
This patch adapts to use the File::Find module (also part
of Perl core).
Damyan Ivanov <> not-needed debian 2011-02-05
config-update.patch Updates to config.guess, config.sub These update the Autoconf 2.13 versions of these scripts to the versions
that were current in 2000. The update in 2000 was due to to a user
request. It might make sense to use even newer versions, but in absence
of requests I'm not going to update autoconf2.13 further.
not-needed debian 2000-11-24
other-debian.patch Uncategorized patches for autoconf2.13 These patches have accumulated for autoconf2.13 over the years. I have
not yet taken the time to split them out and individually describe them.
It is likely that debian/changelog entries account for most of them.

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