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Status for autofs/5.1.9-1.1

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
fix-autofs.conf-man-page.patch no
fix-autofs-man-page.patch no
11default_automaster_location.patch Description:
Set /etc/auto.master as the default location of the automounter
master map, because that file is surely available (the package
installs a default one). If the admin already has an auto.master
map in a different place, he can customize the file later.
Jan Christoph Nordholz <> no 2014-03-07
12disable_default_auto_master.patch Description:
Disable upstream's default of activating /mnt and /net.
In previous versions this was done as a security measure
(because the hosts map was processed without nosuid and nodev).
Jan Christoph Nordholz <> no
15auto_net_nfs4.patch Add an example line for nfsv4 environments. Jan Christoph Nordholz <> no
fix-ldflags.patch avoid dropping LDFLAGS to fix "hardening-no-relro" Dmitry Smirnov <> invalid 2014-03-07
fix-ssslib-search.patch Don't skip sssd autofs search if preseeded. Adam Conrad <> no 2015-06-06
remove-kernel-mount.nfs-version-check.patch remove kernel and mount.nfs version check
autofs daemon checks for kernel and mount.nfs versions and uses
slightly different code if kernel is older than 2.6.22 or mount.nfs
does not use string options. Both cases are of very old, pre-squeeze,

But because automount spawns mount.nfs at startup, this interferes
with systemd and upstart daemon pid tracking mechanism (they track
pid of mount.nfs, not automount as a result). Fix this by removing
the check entirely.

Note that for current Debian and Ubuntu versions, no versioned Breaks
are necessary.

The patch is based on a similar patch by Dmitrijs Ledkovs.
Michael Tokarev <> invalid debian 2014-03-07
mount-hidden-samba-shares.patch Drop backslash after arguments parsing.Abstract:
I finally found the time to investigate this problem. It happened because
two facts:
1. Autofs reads '$' as a special symbol (variable name) and expands it
to variable value

2. mount.cifs reads '\\' as a delimiter, so you can actually pass
"\\\\hostname\\sharename" as mount src argument
So in my case if I returns "//hostname/C$" from auto.smb, then automount
daemon replace '$' to '' and if I returns "//hostname/C\\$" then
mount.cifs crops "\\$" and uses '$' as a prefixpath mount option.
I made simple fix in automount, that drops back slash after arguments
yktor no
hardening-flags.patch Avoid warning about -fPIE from blhcAbstract:
This is probably not entirely necessary since all modules are
compiled with -fPIE, but it avoids a warning.
Index: autofs-5.1.2/daemon/Makefile
Vincent McIntyre <> no
spelling-error-fixes.patch Fix tons of spelling flaws. Thanks lintian. Mike Gabriel <> no
fix-lookup-ldap-crash.patch Fix segfault in lookup_ldap initialisation lib/defaults.c doesn't initialise the config cache before lookup_ldap
attempts to read from it.
<andreas> lookup_ldap is the only module that is still built and linked
using -Bsymbolic-functions. d/rules tries to strip that option out of
LDFLAGS, but it leaks back in via $(krb5-config --libs) when lookup_ldap
is built.
Malcolm Scott <> yes debian
fix-nfs4-mounts-in-auto-net.patch Fix nfs4/nfs mounting via autofs in David Mohr <> no

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