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Status for automake-1.16/1:1.16.5-1.3

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
0001-texi-rename.patch texi file rename for multiple automake versions Eric Dorland <> no 2015-07-18
0002-Drop-SHELL.patch Drop @SHELL@
Using @SHELL@ is a reproducibility problem and shouldn't be necessary on
Debian systems.
Eric Dorland <> no 2017-07-03 t/ Respect PYTHON environment variable
Otherwise, this test will fail on operating systems that have python3
but not python (implicitly Python 2) in the PATH.

The test initialization in t/ax/*.sh sets PYTHON whenever we have
required=python, so we can assume it is set, and do not need to fall
back to calling python if it is unset.
Simon McVittie <> no debian 2021-09-06
python3.10.patch Add support for Python 3.10 Graham Inggs <> no 2021-11-08
python3.10-sysconfig.patch [PATCH] python: use the posix_prefix sysconfig scheme on Debian
Fixes Debian's bug:

Debian adds a custom sysconfig scheme to system python installs,
"posix_local". This is the default scheme, and it redirects local users'
Python module installs to /usr/local even though Python is installed
with a /usr prefix. Both are on Debian's python's sys.path module search

Automake and its users understand prefixes, and are likely to select
/usr/local, explicitly. Select the "posix_prefix" scheme, with the
user-supplied prefix.

Previously this custom sysconfig scheme was specified in
distutils.sysconfig, but not sysconfig itself. As distutils is being
deprecated, the custom scheme is now specified in sysconfig, since
Debian's Python 3.10 (3.10.2-4).

diff --git a/m4/python.m4 b/m4/python.m4
index 6653e4d89..c7db51814 100644
Gianfranco Costamagna <> yes debian 2022-03-15

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