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avahi-dnsconfd.service-Drop-Also-avahi-daemon.socket.patch avahi-dnsconfd.service: Drop "Also=avahi-daemon.socket"
'Also=avahi-daemon.socket' means that 'systemctl disable avahi-dnsconfd'
will also disable avahi-daemon.socket, which is definitely not what we
want, and it also causes debhelper to throw an error. Just drop this
entry from the configuration.
Steve Langasek <> no debian 2020-02-18
man-fix-reference-to-avahi-autoipd.action-8-in-avahi-auto.patch man: fix reference to avahi-autoipd.action(8) in avahi-autoipd(8) Michael Biebl <> yes debian 2017-09-17
man-add-missing-bshell.1-symlink.patch man: add missing bshell.1 symlink
The bshell binary is missing a symlink to its manual page. It should be
symlinked to the man page for bssh, just like how the bvnc man page is.
Michael Biebl <> yes debian 2017-09-17
Ship-avahi-discover-1-bssh-1-and-bvnc-1-also-for-GTK3.patch Ship avahi-discover(1), bssh(1) and bvnc(1) also for GTK3
These manpages went missing when you disabled gtk2 builds....
Andreas Henriksson <> yes 2017-08-24
avahi_dns_packet_consume_uint32-fix-potential-undefined-b.patch avahi_dns_packet_consume_uint32: fix potential undefined behavior
avahi_dns_packet_consume_uint32 left shifts uint8_t values by 8, 16 and 24 bits to combine them into a 32-bit value. This produces an undefined behavior warning with gcc -fsanitize when fed input values of 128 or 255 however in testing no actual unexpected behavior occurs in practice and the 32-bit uint32_t is always correctly produced as the final value is immediately stored into a uint32_t and the compiler appears to handle this "correctly".

Cast the intermediate values to uint32_t to prevent this warning and ensure the intended result is explicit.
traffic-millions <> no upstream, 0.9, commit:b897ca43ac100d326d118e5877da710eb7f836f9 2020-03-03
fix-bytestring-decoding-for-proper-display.patch fix bytestring decoding for proper display =?utf-8?q?=C3=89ric_Araujo?= <> no 2020-02-29
avahi-discover-Don-t-decode-unicode-strings-only-bytestri.patch avahi-discover: Don't decode unicode strings, only bytestrings
Unicode strings (unicode in Python 2, str or unicode in Python 3) don't
have a decode method; only bytestrings (str or bytes in Python 2,
bytes in Python 3) have that. Decode exactly the strings that need
Simon McVittie <> yes 2020-04-24
Fetch-build-db-from-upstream-git.patch Fetch build-db from upstream git
Fetch the build-db file from:

This file is missing dist tarball, likely caused by changes in:

Carry it as a patch for now.
Andreas Henriksson <> no 2019-10-26
build-db-Use-the-same-database-format-that-the-C-code-exp.patch build-db: Use the same database format that the C code expects
Otherwise, Python 2 anydbm will preferentially choose Berkeley DB format
(dbhash/bsddb), which is neither GNU gdbm nor traditional Unix (n)dbm.
Simon McVittie <> no 2020-05-07
avahi-discover-Escape-strings-substituted-into-Pango-mark.patch avahi-discover: Escape strings substituted into Pango markup
Otherwise, a TXT entry containing a URL with '&' will cause an error.
Simon McVittie <> yes 2022-01-30
Do-not-disable-timeout-cleanup-on-watch-cleanup.patch Do not disable timeout cleanup on watch cleanup
This was causing timeouts to never be removed from the linked list that
tracks them, resulting in both memory and CPU usage to grow larger over
Gustavo Noronha Silva <> no 2022-01-02
Fix-NULL-pointer-crashes-from-175.patch Fix NULL pointer crashes from #175
avahi-daemon is crashing when running "ping .local".
The crash is due to failing assertion from NULL pointer.
Add missing NULL pointer checks to fix it.

Introduced in #175 - merge commit 8f75a045709a780c8cf92a6a21e9d35b593bdecd

(cherry picked from commit 9d31939e55280a733d930b15ac9e4dda4497680c)
Tommi Rantala <> no 2021-02-08
Fix-encoding-of-avahi-common-domain.h-to-be-UTF-8.patch Fix encoding of avahi-common/domain.h to be UTF-8
spotted by lintian:

(cherry picked from commit 7ed99620a748b07e3eb1db2f4b97fcee06a9e4e3)
Michael Biebl <> no 2022-06-05
Avoid-infinite-loop-in-avahi-daemon-by-handling-HUP-event.patch Avoid infinite-loop in avahi-daemon by handling HUP event in client_work

If a client fills the input buffer, client_work() disables the
AVAHI_WATCH_IN event, thus preventing the function from executing the
`read` syscall the next times it is called. However, if the client then
terminates the connection, the socket file descriptor receives a HUP
event, which is not handled, thus the kernel keeps marking the HUP event
as occurring. While iterating over the file descriptors that triggered
an event, the client file descriptor will keep having the HUP event and
the client_work() function is always called with AVAHI_WATCH_HUP but
without nothing being done, thus entering an infinite loop.


(cherry picked from commit 447affe29991ee99c6b9732fc5f2c1048a611d3b)
Riccardo Schirone <> no 2021-03-26
dbus-Use-non-deprecated-installation-path.patch dbus: Use non-deprecated installation path

Quoting from D-Bus 1.14.0 release notes:

> Third-party software should install default dbus policies for the system
> bus into ${datadir}/dbus-1/system.d (this has been supported since dbus
> 1.10, released in August 2015). Installing default dbus policies in
> ${sysconfdir}/dbus-1/system.d is now considered to be deprecated.
Jan Tojnar <> no 2022-05-21
Emit-error-if-requested-service-is-not-found.patch Emit error if requested service is not found
It currently just crashes instead of replying with error. Check return
value and emit error instead of passing NULL pointer to reply.

Fixes #375

(cherry picked from commit a2696da2f2c50ac43b6c4903f72290d5c3fa9f6f)
=?utf-8?b?UGV0ciBNZW7FocOtaw==?= <> no 2022-11-17
Fix-avahi-browse-Invalid-service-type.patch [PATCH] Fix avahi-browse: Invalid service type Asger Hautop Drewsen <> yes 2021-08-09

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