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Status for awffull/3.10.2-8

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01-update_configdir_in_manpage.dpatch #! /bin/sh /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch-run
## 01-update_configdir_in_man_page.dpatch by Jose Carlos Medeiros <>
## All lines beginning with `## DP:' are a description of the patch.
## DP: No description.

fix-GeoIP-default-path.patch Fix GeoIP default path Boris Pek <> no debian 2012-06-29
fix-font-in-use.patch Fix path to used font Also now recommended font ttf-dejavu is used instead of bitstream-vera font
which is going to be removed from the repository.
Boris Pek <> no debian 2012-06-29
fix-quietly-run-of-cron-job.patch Fix quietly run of cron job awffull cron job does not run quietly because "-Q" option has been deprecated.
This patch disables useless output messages when job is run without any verbose
Taku YASUI <> no debian 2012-06-29
fix-hyphen-used-as-minus-sign.patch Fix hyphen used as minus sign Boris Pek <> no 2012-06-29
fix-spelling-errors.patch Fix spelling errors Boris Pek <> no 2012-11-20

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