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Status for bacula/9.6.7-7

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
upstream/fix-update_sqlite3_tables Fix sqlite3 update script Carsten Leonhardt <> yes upstream 2017-09-10
upstream/relative-dirs-for-reproduceability Use only relative paths to make build reproducible See also Sven Hartge <> yes upstream
upstream/fix-pkg-config-autoconf-macro Use PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG macro to search for pkg-config. It is cross-compile safe. Sven Hartge <> yes upstream 2018-02-27
upstream/fix-8bit-encoding Fix 8bit encoding by converting to UTF-8 Carsten Leonhardt <> yes upstream 2020-09-08
upstream/fix-make_db-scripts_easier_to_use Make variables in database scripts easier to manually override Sven Hartge <> no 2020-09-30
upstream/fix-memory-overflow-access alist: Fix for memory overflow access.
Upstream commit 5ce0d3ff70d34dd05bb303d3d696f31c1785960c

diff --git a/src/lib/alist.c b/src/lib/alist.c
index 30914152c..81f60aba7 100644
Radosaw Korzeniewski <> not-needed 2020-12-24
upstream/btraceback-verbose Backport btraceback from 11.0.1 to improve btraceback output
Fix org#2587 Improve btraceback output

Reported by Carsten

At Debian we had bug reports because of the emails that btraceback sends.
Apparently the users were confused because of a lack of explanation in the email.
Eric Bollengier <> yes debian upstream 2021-01-06
upstream/cross-building-use-pkg-config fails finding libmysqlclient when cross building
bacula fails to cross build from source, because it fails finding
libmysqlclient. It looks for mysql libraries using mysql_config, which
is known to not work during cross compilation. Rather than mysql_config,
using pkg-config works. This patch introduces another way of detecting
mysql using pkg-config as pkg-config generally works with cross
compilation and mysql provides a working .pc files.
Helmut Grohne <> no debian 2022-09-07
debian/fix-default-config Change default configs for correct processing by postinst script Debian Bacula Team <> not-needed 2018-11-20
debian/fix-default-dbtype Change default dbtype for possibility to install correct files in packages for different dbtype. Alexander Golovko <> not-needed 2012-07-24
debian/fix-sql-bindir Fix SQL BINDIR Jan Hauke Rahm <> not-needed 2012-06-28
debian/unescape-mysql-syntax fix unnecessary escaping Since we use this code directly by dbconfig, not from sh-script as upstream,
there is no need to escape symbols.
Scott Moser <> not-needed
debian/remove-upstream-autoconf-log Remove unused files from upstream sources (found by lintian) Alexander Golovko <> not-needed 2012-06-01
debian/fix-libbaccats-rpath Remove RPATH from libbaccats*.so (found by lintian) Alexander Golovko <> not-needed 2012-06-02
debian/fix-paths-examples-devices fix @scriptdir@ in examples/devices/*.conf Arne Wichmann <> not-needed debian upstream 2015-12-08
debian/enable-hardening-for-qmake Enable hardening for QMake We need to use a combination of the hardening notes for QMake and CMake Carsten Leonhardt <> not-needed debian 2015-11-15
debian/customize-systemd-units Adapt upstream systemd units to Debian packaging Sven Hartge <> not-needed
debian/customize-systemd-240-units Use Type=exec for systemd-240+ Sven Hartge <> not-needed
debian/fix-qmake-binary-source-path change binary source path after compilation Thomas Beierlein <> not-needed
debian/make-buildoutput-verbose Unhide the compiler output so the build log scanner works Sven Hartge <> not-needed
debian/use-debian-path-for-interpreter Fix Lintian error about the interpreter path Sven Hartge <> not-needed 2018-12-27
debian/fix-desktop-in-files Fix some lintian and validator warnings in FreeDesktop files Sven Hartge <> not-needed
debian/non-silent-build Make build non-silent Remove flag "--silent" from libtool invocations to make the build log
scanner work
Carsten Leonhardt <> not-needed 2018-11-12
debian/fix-usr_libexec_paths Fix libexec path in man-pages Sven Hartge <> not-needed
debian/fix-mysql-racecondition Bug in database locking code causes concurrency problems and job failures (patch attached)
In Bacula 9.6.4, the following code change was made at src/dird/dird.c:1268 :

- strncpy(catalog->db_driver, BDB_db_driver, db_driver_len);
+ bstrncpy(catalog->db_driver, BDB_db_driver, db_driver_len);

It was not noticed at the time that this introduced an off-by-one error that
led to a bug in DB driver definition which prevents reuse of the BDB object,
leading to unexpected concurrency between jobs, leading in turn to job failures
due to race conditions writing to the database.

The fix is to change that line to:

bstrncpy(catalog->db_driver, BDB_db_driver, db_driver_len+1);
Martin Simmons <> not-needed 2021-01-19
debian/fix-configure-for-autconf2.71 Do not use a variable in AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, will be used before defined Sven Hartge <> invalid
debian/fix-ftcbfs-1009012 Fix FTCBFS: uses the build architecture qmake
bacula fails to cross build from source, because it attempts to use the
build architecture qmake while Build-Depends requested the host
architecture one.

bacula's uses AC_PATH_PROG to locate qmake.
Once changing that to AC_PATH_TOOL, the host architecture qmake is being
used and this part magically works.
Helmut Grohne <> invalid 2022-04-06

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