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Status for bash-completion/1:2.11-8

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
04-xine_add_more_formats.patch Add oga and ogx formats j^ (j) <> no debian vendor
06-xpdf_support_compressed_pdf.patch xpdf in Debian also supports compressed PDFs Alfredo Finelli <> no debian vendor,
07-dpkg_support_raw-extract_vextract.patch support more options for dpkg-deb Uwe Storbeck <> no debian vendor,
11-add-completions-for-openrc-rc-service.patch Add completions for OpenRC rc-service
This patch adds completions for the rc-service command from OpenRC, as
suggested and provided by Mathieu Roy via a Debian bug [1], fixed and
extended for more options by myself.

When ran on a chroot with a freshly bootstrapped Debian system, the
following completions produce the following output.

For the options:

# rc-service [TAB][TAB]
-c -h --ifstopped -q savecache
-C --help kmod --quiet udev
cron -i -l -r -v
-d -I --list rc -V
-D --ifcrashed -N rcS --verbose
--debug --ifexists networking --resolve --version
--dry-run --ifinactive --nocolor rsyslog -Z
-e --ifnotstarted --nodeps -s
--exists --ifstarted procps -S
# rc-service [CURSOR]

# rc-service -h[TAB]
# rc-service -h [CURSOR]

# rc-service --v[TAB]
# rc-service --ver[CURSOR]

# rc-service --ver[TAB][TAB]
--verbose --version
# rc-service --ver[CURSOR]

# rc-service --verbose --l[TAB]
# rc-service --verbose --list [CURSOR]

For the services:

# rc-service --list[ENTER]

# rc-service r[TAB][TAB]
rc rcS rsyslog
# rc-service r[CURSOR]

# rc-service --dry-run cr[TAB]
# rc-service --dry-run cron [CURSOR]

# rc-service --dry-run cron [TAB][TAB]
force-reload reload restart start status stop
# rc-service --dry-run cron [CURSOR]

# rc-service --dry-run cron re[TAB][TAB]
reload restart
# rc-service --dry-run cron re[CURSOR]

# rc-service --dry-run cron res[TAB]
# rc-service --dry-run cron restart [CURSOR]

Adding `set show-all-if-ambiguous on' to .inputrc yields the same
results, but without the need for the additional [TAB] as displayed

Gabriel F. T. Gomes <> invalid debian vendor,
12-properly-handle-TERM-and-other-envvars.patch [PATCH] _variables: split out _variable_assignments, use in export
=?UTF-8?q?Ville=20Skytt=C3=A4?= <> no 2020-12-07
13-backport-support-for-python-9.patch commit dc1c404b3c14cd3e3627a6720cf32a4e27079285

python, pyvenv: install for 3.9

diff --git a/completions/ b/completions/
index e43d0e3c..ba75fa48 100644
Ville Skytt <> no 2020-09-06
14-backport-support-for-long-options-in-perltidy.patch commit a283b6963421adb3acf087c9816614a9c0c4c214

feat(perltidy): support long variants of arg completed options

diff --git a/completions/perltidy b/completions/perltidy
index 4404cf8..a6ee36b 100644
Ville Skytt <> no 2021-04-13
15-find-exec.patch commit f1ddf810e4ee6693acb9fab1be1794586aa111a0

fix(find): don't look for -exec etc command if completing before it


diff --git a/completions/find b/completions/find
index 64121eda..f18c7d7e 100644
Ville Skytt <> no 2021-03-20
16-freecad-extension.patch commit fcaf3d4118af251973a57028302bf057a9681f1f

feat(unzip,zipinfo): recognize FreeCAD files (#520)

diff --git a/bash_completion b/bash_completion
index 51305148..fca32c57 100644
steelman <> no 2021-04-22
17-ssh-pubacceptedalgorithms.patch commit 7c0084e0f4d82a9b4d76f72e28b8afe773146de7

fix(ssh): deprecated option PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes

As reported by a Debian user in, ssh
changed the option name from PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes to
PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms. The old name still works, but no longer
presented in the manpages.

diff --git a/completions/ssh b/completions/ssh
index 907c039..4f83c48 100644
Gabriel F. T. Gomes <> no 2023-04-09
18-aptitude-showsrc-source commit e68fde20600326e426e802233e46c940cab9478b

completions/aptitude: add showsrc source

Add missing sub-commands.

Signed-off-by: Heinrich Schuchardt <>

diff --git a/completions/aptitude b/completions/aptitude
index e5ea163..558be7c 100644
Heinrich Schuchardt <> no 2022-04-25
19-clean-wine-symlinks diff --git a/completions/ b/completions/
index 723b42f..b130bc7 100644

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