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Status for bazel-bootstrap/4.2.3+ds-9

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
enable-debian-junit4.patch Enable junit4 use in Debian builds Olek Wojnar <> yes 2020-12-27
support-mips64el-and-riscv64.patch Support mips64el and riscv64 architectures Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2021-01-09
add_toolchain_support_for_mips64.patch Add toolchain support for the mips64el architecture Yun Peng <> not-needed 2021-01-14
increase_heap_size_for_javac.patch Increase heap size for javac Yun Peng <> not-needed 2021-01-20
add_toolchain_support_for_riscv64.patch Add toolchain support for the riscv64 architecture Based on the mips64el toolchain patch by Yun Peng Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2021-01-22
add_verbose_for_java_compilation.patch Add verbose flag to prevent javac build timeouts Yun Peng <> not-needed 2021-02-02
verbose-bash-completion-generation.patch Add verbose debug info to bash completion creation Also increase timeout to prevent failures on slow build machines. Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2021-02-22
mock_repos.patch Create mock repositories to prevent packaging binary archives Workaround created for Debian by upstream to prevent packaging archive files
in Debian "source." This recreates only the portions of those .zip and .tar.gz
files that are required for building Bazel on Debian.
Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, 2020-07-22
remove_javac.patch Remove references to javac The Debian build uses the local javac. Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, 2020-07-22
remove_license_deps.patch Remove license dependencies For third-party software that is not bundled in the Debian source tarball. Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, 2020-07-22
add_include_for_limits.patch Add include for <limits> to allow correct build of ijar binaries Also add include for <stdexcept> to allow proper builds on non-amd64 systems
not-needed upstream 2022-09-27
WORKSPACE.patch Debian-specific fixes in WORKSPACE file Bazel needs to download some dependencies just to properly parse the
WORKSPACE file. We comment some load statements so that it wont download
the things we dont need for building Bazel binary. Also, remove @io_bazel
reference that was causing ccache failures.
Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, 2020-07-22
package_before_making_self-extracting.patch Install into proper Debian packaging directory Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2020-11-08
env_python3.patch Update source code for Python 3 Python 2 reached End-of-Life in January 2020. This patch completely
removes Python 2 support per release team guidance.
Olek Wojnar <> yes 2020-07-23
add-trust_install_base-option.patch Add --trust_install_base option This will allow Bazel client to run individually without the appended
zip archive, which is a requirement for Debian installation.
Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, 2020-08-10
allow-install-base-symlinks.patch Accept symlinks in install base Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, 2020-08-10
fix-privacy-issues.patch Correct privacy issues flagged by lintian Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2020-08-10
build-bash_completion.patch Build bash completion file Olek Wojnar <> not-needed upstream, 2022-11-17
rename-daemonize.patch Rename daemonize.c to The .c extension was preventing it from receiving build hardening flags. Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, https:\\ 2020-08-12
change-sysmtem-rc-file-location.patch Change system rc file location Prevent config file conflicts with user Bazel installations. Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, 2020-08-17
remove-android-rules.patch Remove Android rules Temporary fix for unavailability of Android packages in Debian Testing Yun Peng <> not-needed upstream, 2020-11-05
fix_bashisms.patch Fix bashisms First file fixed from upstream, second and third files fixed in Debian because
they were eliminated upstream in tags 6.0.0-pre.20220310.1 and 5.0.0.
Olek Wojnar <> not-needed upstream, 2022-09-21
fix_longlines.patch Fix long lines -- Forwarded upstream at below URL
build-javascript -- Removed in Bazel v6
test-encyclopedia.html -- Removed in Bazel v6
LICENSE.txt -- Removed in Bazel v6
Olek Wojnar <> yes 2022-09-21
debian_rxjava.patch Patch to use debian "reactive_streams" and "rxjava3" Jesse Chan <> not-needed 2021-05-29
remove_skylib.patch Patch to remove dependency on "bazel_skylib" Currently causing build failures in bazel-bootstrap. Full bazel package will
depend on bazel-skylib package, avoiding build failures.
Jesse Chan <> not-needed 2021-05-29
allow_builds_using_bazel_source.patch Allow external software to build using Bazel source code Use "@io_bazel//" instead of "//" to reference Bazel packages Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2022-11-09
openjdk-17_add-opens.patch Add required `--add-opens` server JVM args with non-embedded JDK Since the Bazel server requires JDK 11 or higher to run, the
`--add-opens` server JVM arg for `java.lang` can now be added
unconditionally, which ensures support with JDK 17+.
Also removes the additional opens for `java.nio`, which was only needed
to silence a protobuf warning that has since been fixed upstream.
Olek Wojnar modified upstream commit for Debian.
Olek Wojnar <> not-needed upstream, 2022-11-14
JDK-13_fix.patch JDK 13 introduced a source compatibility issue Quote from the Java release notes:
The addition of newFileSystem(Path, Map<String, ?>) creates a source (but not
binary) compatibility issue for code that has been using the existing 2-arg
newFileSystem(Path, ClassLoader) and specifying the class loader as null. [...]
To avoid the ambiguous reference, this code needs to be modified to cast the
second parameter to java.lang.ClassLoader.
Philipp Wollermann <> not-needed upstream, 2022-11-14
fix_JDK-16_test_failures.patch Rename "UseParallelOldGC" to enable JDK 16+ builds Builds with the local toolchain fail when it is using OpenJDK 16, because
UseParallelOldGC option was deprecated in JEP 366 and then subsequently
removed in
Olek Wojnar <> not-needed upstream, 2022-11-14
grpc-absl_synchronization.patch Modified patch from Ubuntu to fix grpc-related FTBFS Thanks to Gianfranco Costamagna for the original patch:
Patch slimmed down by Olek to only add the one missing linker flag.
Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2023-01-05
exclude_build_data.patch Remove internal timestamps to ensure reproducible builds Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2023-02-13
fix-install_base_key-generation.patch Fix non-reproducible generation of the install_base_key file The checksum does not properly include these files. This will hopefully be
fixed in future versions of Bazel.
Olek Wojnar <> not-needed 2023-03-13
javax.annotations.patch Fix for javax.annotations Switch to geronimo-annotation-1.3-spec. Do not require libtomcat9-java. Markus Koschany <> not-needed debian 2023-05-14

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