Debian Patches

Status for bgpdump/1.6.2-2

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
local.fix-buffer-weirdness.patch These operations aren't broken, but just weird Christoph Biedl <> no 2014-06-07
upstream.use-cppflags.patch no
upstream.fix-crash-on-huge-prefix-lists.patch Handle prefix lists with more than MAX_PREFIXES prefixes gracefully Christoph Biedl <> yes upstream 2016-07-13
upstream.fix-unaligned-memory-access.patch Fix unaligned memory access
Causes FTBFS at least on sparc64
Christoph Biedl <> yes upstream 2016-10-30
local.disable-cfr_strerror.patch Disable the cfr_strerror function
This function does not check the asprintf return value but it's not
used anyway. So disable it.
Christoph Biedl <> yes upstream 2016-07-19
local.increase-max-prefixes.patch Increase limit of maximum prefixes
Appearently update messages with a lot of prefixes do exist,
raise the limit.
Christoph Biedl <> no 2016-10-30
local.enhance-test-script.patch Enhance the test script
Handle alternate paths for the test data, handle alternate
Christoph Biedl <> no 2014-07-22

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