Debian Patches

Status for blktrace/1.2.0-5

Patch Description Author Forwarded Bugs Origin Last update
pdf-date.patch "maketitle" insert build date to the document; re-insert original date. Dmitry Smirnov <> invalid 2015-03-25
10_btrace_paths.patch correct (Debian-specific) path to blktrace. Bas Zoetekouw <> not-needed 2009-06-29
man.patch man page lintianisation: hyphen-used-as-minus-sign Dmitry Smirnov <> invalid 2015-03-25
procnum.patch reduce number of `rsvg-convert` processes to save RAM. Default 8 may consume ~3...4 GiB and force extensive swapping... Dmitry Smirnov <> invalid 2015-03-25
spelling.patch spelling and hyphen corrections. Dmitry Smirnov <> invalid 2012-12-23
cve-2018-10689 fix CVE-2018-10689: make device/devno use PATH_MAX to avoid overflow. Patch from Jens Axboe <> invalid 2018-05-16
python3-support.patch Make python script python3-compatible Bas Zoetekouw <> invalid other, automatically generated by 2to3 2018-05-20
11_buffer_overflow.patch Fix possibel buffer overflow
Patch was sent upstream to Jens Axboe <> on 2019-02-12
12_gcc_warnings.patch Fix gcc warnings.
Patch was sent upstream to Jens Axboe <> on 2019-02-12

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